Confederacy of Dunks

Episode 9.240: Darren Menezes & Yaw Attuah

Big news for the pod! This is our last one at the Sonar Network. We’re moving to Raptors Republic and joining the Rapcast!

Episode 9.239: Matt Henry & Cathryn Naiker

We talk teams we want in the play-in, mid-game honors, players who need rescuing and teams being slept on in the playoffs!

Episode 9.238: Vivek Jacob & Antony Hall

We’re back after a week off and we’re talking that Raps style in the play-in, favourite signature moves, playoff format changes and missed injured players.

Episode 9.235: Matt McCready & Filipe Dimas

We’ve got the end of the Goran Dragic Saga, how the Raps finish the season, All-Star game changes and weird happenings over the All-Star Weekend!

Episode 9.234: Cathryn Naiker

We talking the Thad move, Silver picking Allen over Siakam, Harden contract technicalities and the big Harden/Simmons trade!

Episode 9.232: Katie Heindl & Tristan Douglas

We’ve got good-luck charms, Dragic trades, win-win deadline deals and the most undervalued NBA skill!

Episode 9.231: Steven Mann & Dylan Gott

We’ve got zone talk, deadline moves to make, NFTs and Top Shot and the best role player.

Episode 9.230: Samson Folk & Cathryn Naiker

We got that tight-rotation talk, what to do with Boucher, monster highlights and non-Raps teams we’re watching the most.

Episode 9.229: Jonathan Yam & Ian Gordon

Raptors are turning heads, Devin Booker is shaming the Raptor, Klay is back and shocking losing teams.

Episode 9.226: Alan Shane Lewis & Matt Henry

COVID making its way through our teams, star players resting against the Raps, Toronto icons who will replace missing staff, Steph Curry’s record breaker and hardship contracts! Raptors: Bucks and Warriors both rested their top guys against the Raps. How are we feeling about this trend? COVID and COVID protocols are making the Raptors improvise… Continue reading Episode 9.226: Alan Shane Lewis & Matt Henry