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Episode 9.230: Samson Folk & Cathryn Naiker

We got that tight-rotation talk, what to do with Boucher, monster highlights and non-Raps teams we’re watching the most!

RAPTORS: Nurse played seven guys and Spo played nine and I’m getting Raptors V Boston in-the-bubble flashbacks. How you feeling about Nick’s tight rotations? Does Boucher have more value as a rotation piece or a trade asset?

NBA: Russel Westbrook just had a monster dunk on Rudy Gobert. What is your highlight of the season so far and how would you call it if you were the broadcaster? Who is your current league pass team, the non-Raptor team you watch the most?

With Samson Folk and Cathryn Naiker!

Episode 9.229: Jonathan Yam & Ian Gordon

Raptors are turning heads, Devin Booker is shaming the Raptor, Klay is back and shocking losing teams!

Raptors: Lowe is starting to get excited by the freaky-long Raptors. Is the Masai/Bobby gamble to not have a traditional centre working? Devin Booker couldn’t handle The Raptor mascot distracting him. Hopefully the Raptors fight this injustice and double down on distracting players from now on. What are some good ideas to distract players while they take free throws?

NBA: Klay Thompson is back and it was really nice. What’s another heartfelt return (doesn’t have to be in sports) that comes to mind? What’s the most shocking team with a losing record?

With Jonathan Yam and Ian Gordon!

Episode 9.226: Alan Shane Lewis & Matt Henry

COVID making its way through our teams, star players resting against the Raps, Toronto icons who will replace missing staff, Steph Curry’s record breaker and hardship contracts!

Raptors: Bucks and Warriors both rested their top guys against the Raps. How are we feeling about this trend? COVID and COVID protocols are making the Raptors improvise with players and staff out. Kayla Gray, Eric Smith and Paul Jones all stepping in. If you could choose a Toronto/Canada personality to step into any Raptors position, who would it be and what would they do?

NBA: The league is extending rosters and introducing hardship contracts. Besides shutting down, what else could the league do to relieve some of the COVID strain? Steph Curry passed Ray Allen for most made 3’s ever. What’s another fun player milestone that’s coming up?

With Alan Shane Lewis & Matt Henry!

Episode 9.225: Vong Show & Lauren Mitchell

We got Yuta in the 6, we’ve got some scenes from the new Nav movie, Zion getting fat-shamed and NBA news getting lost to COVID!

RAPTORS: Is Yuta Watanabe working himself into the role of the sixth man? Nav missed his first home game ever due to COVID protocols. There’s a movie being made about him. What kind of scene would work to up the drama with Nav almost missing a game?

NBA: Zion might be shut down for the year with a foot injury and he’s getting a lot of unfair commentary about his weight. How should fans/analysts talk about players and their bodies? NBA news cycle is heavy about COVID. What stories are getting buried in the COVID flurry?

With Vong Show and Lauren Mitchell!

Episode 9.224: Antony Hall & Mat Mailandt

Raps are coming off a couple big wins, welcome to the milk bag, being on the wrong side of NBA records and weird players!

RAPTORS: Lots of developing players on the Raptors. Which two players are you most enjoying witnessing the growth of? Precious freaked out over bagged milk. How would you help ease the process for other future, international Raptors?

NBA: On December 2nd, Memphis beat OKC 152-79..the largest victory in NBA history. What is another example of being on the wrong side of an NBA record/moment? Who is the weirdest player in the NBA?

With Antony Hall and Mat Mailandt!

Episode 9.223: Cathryn Naiker & Derick Deonarain

We’re back and it’s December with Raptor health checks, trade regrets, boring franchises and entertaining players to watch!

RAPTORS: How much of a factor do you think health is with this current Raptors squad? 2. JV went off last night and Raptors fans are happy for him, but sad we don’t have him. Do you regret any of the trades/moves during the championship season?

NBA: Which is the most boring franchise in the NBA and how do they spice it up? Who is the most entertaining player in the NBA on the court?

Quickish Questions and more, with Cathryn Naiker and Derick Deonarain!

Episode 9.222: Georgea Brooks & Matt Henry

We go over where the Raps sit with the league stats, what should Nurse tinker with, new arena names and DeRozan love!

RAPTORS: Team is are 21st in offence, 10th in defence and 15th in net rating. Is this about where you expected? If you are Nick Nurse, what is something you’d like to try with the Raptors?

NBA: The Staples Center will soon be named the Crypto.com arena What other arenas need a new name and feel? DeRozan is getting some love in Chicago. Who else around the league deserves more love?

Quickish Questions and more! With Georgea Brooks and Matt Henry!

Episode 9.221: Dan Galea & Ryan Henry

Raps are playing pretty damn okay, Pascal is back in the fray, and 6’9″ is the height to play!

RAPTORS: Pascal Siakam is back, Jack! How we feeling now that he’s back vs the team playing without him? Raptors are coming in with most players being 6’9″. What would you call this team happening and how would you brand it?

NBA: NBA rules changes have led to less fouls being called and new game balls are creating a stir. Are the changes making the games better to watch? Of the teams that have surprisingly good records right now, who’s destined to drop?

With Dan Galea and Ryan Henry!

Episode 9.218: Season 09 Premiere w/ Ennis Esmer & Jay Rosales

It’s time for season nine of Confederacy of Dunks! We’ve got new segment alerts, medium market darlings, ranking the final Raps roster, opening night changes and extension slander!

Raptors: Toronto sits 10th on the list of most valuable NBA teams, making us a medium market (not small!). Does that change the perception of the team? The final roster is complete. We rank the players who made the cut from 1-15!

NBA: We recorded on opening day. We discuss changes we’d make to the opening night festivities and don’t worry, Antarctica might be included. Lots of extensions in the league, but DeAndre Ayton did not get one of them. Was that a mistake for Phoenix?

Quickish Questions?!!?, introduce our new League Pass Report segment that we’ll be doing this season and lots of tomfoolery with our guests Ennis Esmer and Jay Rosales!

Episode 217: Off-Season Funhouse Edition: Jordan Foisy & Cathryn Naiker

It’s our final Off-Season Funhouse episode. Season nine premieres next week! We’re talking lovable characters, stand-outs, distractions and wild cards.

RAPTORS: What is something that has stood out for the Raptors this preseason? There seems to be a lot of lovable characters on the team now. Which player is not so lovable and needs a bit of a rebrand?

NBA: Simmons is begrudgingly returning to the Sixers and Kyrie ain’t touching a court until he’s fully vax’d. Are these just summer stories or are they gonna impact the season? What team is a wildcard or is a “hard to read” team?

Quickish Questions and more! With Jordan Foisy and Cathryn Naiker.

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