Confederacy of Dunks


????LBJ and Kawhi are cute arguments, but Giannas is the best player in the world and has been since he turned 24. Yes, he still shoots 31% from 3, and yes, the Raps + Kawhi & Danny beat him last year, but he’s rocking the best PER of all time and is on his way… Continue reading FIVE FREDDIE FEELS: RAPTORS VS BUCKS

Five Freddie Feels: Raptors vs Blazers

????Just like we all hoped; this team is fun as hell. 11 games in and the raps are 5th on O, 5th on D and 3rd in net rating. Enough games have been played to officially declare any summer raptors pessimists straight up haters. Masai’s depth is only a secret if you don’t watch this… Continue reading Five Freddie Feels: Raptors vs Blazers

How I Got Pumped For Basketball

By Matt Duncan            One of my greatest sports achievements came while playing basketball. Another came in 2009 when I played lawn bowling in Ireland, but I’ll save that for a lawn-bowling podcast that I hope to produce one day. Now, I should point out that my athletic career comes with minimal levels of competitiveness.… Continue reading How I Got Pumped For Basketball

Five Freddie Feels: Raptors Vs Celtics

By Freddie Rivas Boston glee party. So many good things last night. If it wasn’t such an important game for both teams, you might be able to write it off as one team being off and the other team being on, but everyone tried, and everyone cared. Remember late last season when we lost back-to-back… Continue reading Five Freddie Feels: Raptors Vs Celtics

Toronto Raptors Jerseys, Ranked

By Kevin Dowse It’s time for a ranking of all the jerseys of everyone’s favourite team! These are listed from best to worst, because I always put my best foot forward and keep my bad, ugly foot to the rear! Tied for #1 – Red & White Jerseys (Any Era) One thing anyone knows about… Continue reading Toronto Raptors Jerseys, Ranked

Freddie Returns to NBA-XL

Have the Celtic’s luck run out? The real question is “How happy is Freddie that Brad Stevens is failing?” Check out Fred’s return to NBA XL! The Line Up crew weigh whether the Celtics or Warriors have more to be worried about and if the 76ers are a legit threat in the Eastern Conference. [youtube… Continue reading Freddie Returns to NBA-XL

Five Freddie Feels

RAPTORS VS GRIZZLIES By Freddie Rivas ????Nifty Nick: Welcome to the Nurse clinic! Game of the year from the coach. Played the starters heavy minutes because he needed too, prepped Kawhi for double teams, showed flashes of zone to slow up the Grizz in the 3rd and for the most part, made the right subs… Continue reading Five Freddie Feels


By Kevin Dowse It’s hard to quantify. It’s even harder to manufacture. It’s more valuable than talent. It’s the worst song ever released by Arcade Fire. Chemistry: it’s a difference-maker on and off the court, and can salvage a season even when the wins aren’t coming in. It’s fun to watch and can swing a… Continue reading Chemistry