Confederacy of Dunks

Episode 10.271: A Reformat of a Role Player

This week we’re talking about Boucher’s consistency, the return of Pascal, alternative revenue streams for the league and quarter-mark evaluations.

Episode 10.270: Non-Injury Worries to Ponder

With so many injuries, we need to see what the bench is made of. Plus, we’ve got what needs to be added to Herbie Kuhn’s in-game announcements.

Episode 10.269: Early Season Injury Grind

Who’s stepping up amid all the injuries and who has been underwhelming? Is the team’s aggressive defense leading to more injuries and fatigue?

Episode 10.268: Projecting a November Without Siakam

These week we’re talking about expectations with Siakam out, surprising dynamics coming out of the rotation, which celebs need to buy a team and which team having a slow start will rebound.

Episode 10.267: Hot From Three

Wrapping up the positives from a decent October, judging player costumes and what is next for the Brooklyn Nets tire fire!

Episode 10.266: Striving For Fifth Best

Is Siakam looking like the top five NBA player he wants to be? What are the biggest concerns four games into the season?

Episode 10.265: Shoot! There It Is

This week we’re talking about the Raptors shooting issues, which player is gonna change the way people think about him, changes we’d make to NBA opening day and bold takes for this season.

Episode 10.264: The It Factor

SEASON 10 PREMIERE! Over/under talk, locked in lines, weird nickies and lots more!