Confederacy of Dunks

Episode 10.282: Finding Another Gear

Talking Poeltl and finding another gear, Bingo play-in fun, and lots more.

Episode 10.281: The Foster Toss and Playoff Chances

On this episode, the egregious Foster toss, squad potential, which team needs a documentary this season and which team is the toughest.

Episode 10.280: Focus On What You Can Do

On this episode, we talk about the Barton signing, standing predictions for the Raptors and more expectations!

Episode 10.279: Ramping Up for an Exciting Final 20

On this episode, we talk about a potentially exciting last quarter of the season, which Raptor will have a strong finish to the season, All-Star Weekend changes and the current state of parity in the NBA.

Episode 10.278: Along with Poeltl Comes Some Hope

This week, we’re evaluating the trade deadline and potential playoff push, branding some new nicknames for some Raptor duos, crowning the winner of the deadline and more!

Episode 10.277: Time to Trade for the Future

On this episode, we talk about what should happen and what really will happen before tomorrow’s trade deadline.

Episode 10.276: Masai Loves a Freak

On this episode, we talk about a potential Gary for Poeltl trade, long term conclusions about the core, court-side tirades and trade predictions.

Episode 10.275: Seeing the Good in the Bad

Lots of positives to take from this up-and-down season, but is it time for us to accept that Vision 6’9″ might be a failure?

Episode 10.274: We’re Going Streaking

This week we’re talking about how the pressure is on for Bobby and Masai, take a stroll down the memory lane of dark Raptor moments, tunnel dances, redemption players and AI responses.

Episode 10.273: Panic at the Three Throw

The panic is starting to set in. Raptors fans are looking for optimism, and possibly a season-shifting trade.