Confederacy of Dunks

Episode 295: Olympic Aspirations and Teams That Need Their Own ‘Winning Time’ Show

This week, we’re talking about Canada making the Olympics, which former Raptor playing in FIBA we wish were on the team, giving another team and era the “Winning Time” treatment and which players are having their first ever all-NBA appearance this season.

Episode 294: The Morey/Harden Affair, Team Canada Chances and the Knicks Lawsuit

This week’s topics include takeaways from the Harden and Morey dispute, adding insanity to NBA2K, Team Canada predictions and the Knicks lawsuit might be nothing.

Episode 293: Top NBA Duos, FIBA Finalists and Pascal Hysteria

This week, we’re talking about the best duos in the league, which teams will medal at FIBA, which Raptor will have an interesting future career and the latest Pascal trade hysterics.

Best and Worst NBA Contracts, Team Canada Rotations and a Divisive Fan Base – Confederacy of Dunks

On the podcast this week, we’re talking about the best and worst NBA contracts, Team Canada rotation for qualifiers, a re-brand for the looming season and the current state of fan divisiveness.

Episode 291: In-Season Tourney, Off-Season Moves and Saying Bye to Fred

This week, we’re talking about Freddie going to Summer League, thoughts on the in-season tournament, favourite VanVleet moments and latest off-season moves.

Episode 290: Gradey-Ing the Draft

This week, we’re talking about teams who won and lost the draft, the Raps taking Gradey Dick with the 13th and where the team goes from here.

Episode 289: Off-Season Funhouse

This week, we’re talking about the Nuggets winning it all, how to make the draft more entertaining, the Darko Rajakovic hire and VanVleet hitting the market.

Episode 288 – An Era of Parity

This week, we’re talking about the current state of NBA parity, new coaches fitting on new teams, off-season questions and more.

Episode 287: Off-Season Funhouse

On this week’s pod, we’re talking about which teams will make a compelling finals, improving the draft lottery, making the Raptors more fun and former Raptors role players who we wish were on the team right now.

Episode 286: Off-Season Funhouse

On this off-season episode, first round upsets and takeaways, Dillon Brooks as the new villain, Masai’s hobbies and expectations for the next coach of the Raptors.