Confederacy of Dunks

Off-Season Funhouse Episode 253: Navigating the Gong Show

With all the increased media attention because of Durant, how are the Raptors being discussed?

Off-Season Funhouse Episode 252: Gauging That Win-Now Mentality

June 29, 2022

Would we get back to contender status immediately with Durant, or do we climb back there organically with Barnes?

Episode 9.251: Drafting Masai’s First Love

As we wrap up season 09, we reminisce about memorable drafts and pick which Raptor needs to have a big summer charity event.

Episode 9.250: Can’t Beat a Good Trade

Masai and Bobby have showed us they can do the big transactions and they can also let the team gel. Which is the better camp to be in?

Episode 9.249: All-Times at 6’9″

Who are the best 6’9″ers to ever play for the Raptors? And what Canadian TV show is Nick Nurse hitting next?

Episode 9.248: Learning to Ease the Rookie Pressure

A new OG Anunoby trade rumour means the media pressure is heating up for on our rookie of the year.

Episode 9.247: Let’s Get Wildly Unrealistic For a Moment

Rumours involving the Raptors are almost always in direct conflict with how Masai operates, but it’s hard to ignore the different trade scenarios.

Episode 9.246: That 2013-14 Feeling

We may be entering a new era, but we’ve been around long enough to recognize when we’ve felt like this before.

Episode 9.245: Who to Add to the Core

The Raptors have never been good at enticing free agents, but maybe they can find someone who can fit just right.

Episode 9.244: Masai’s Patience Trumps All

We might not have beat Philly, but we kind of proved Shaq wrong. It’s the small wins sometimes.