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THE TAMPA BAY RAPTORS SEASON: All our episodes that take place during the 2020-21 NBA season, from the late December start right to the end of the playoffs!

Episode 8.198: Will Weldon

Raps are eliminated from making the playoffs for the first time in Confederacy of Dunks history and all we can do is have hope for next season.

Raptors: It’s official. They’re out. What are you looking forward to most this off-season? They’ve had some weird storylines in losing years. What’s an odd one that’s going on this year? Which player/personnel will exact revenge on Tampa before they leave?

NBA: There’s a lot of NBA parity right now. Which team is the next dynasty or is that even possible anymore? What’s a bigger accomplishment: Mr. Triple-Double Westbrook or Melo getting in top ten for points?

Quickish Questions and more. Will Weldon joins. It’s a wild one.

Episode 8.197: Alan Shane Lewis & Georgea Brooks

Big game coming up against the Wizards. Their hopes at the play-in could come down to this matchup!

RAPTORS: Nurse called the Wizards game “Last Chance Saloon.” This could be the final nail on the coffin. Where are we at with this season? Who is the most entertaining Raptor right now? Which Raptor would be the best at catfishing on The Circle? Which player would that be and what is his catfishing persona?

NBA: Which team is everyone sleeping on? Lots of newbies in the playoffs like LaMelo, Ayton, Booker, Trae, Ja… Who is going to perform the best?

Quickish Questions and more, with Alan Shane Lewis and Georgea Brooks!

Episode 8.196: Antony Hall & Ryan Henry

With ten games to go in the season, the Raptors are pushing hard to make the play-in tournament, but are they running out of time?

RAPTORS: There’s 10 games to go and they’re 10 games below (.500). They’re set to play some top teams in the next four games like the Clippers and the Jazz. Could this stretch be the final nail in their playoff coffin? Gillespie got a two-year contract and Birch has been doing good things. How nice is it to see our new bigs having an impact and who is benefiting most? Freddie G and Flynn recently had to sing “Party in the USA” in front of the team. We do a fun segment where we pick a song and a Raptor to sing it!

NBA: The Utah Jazz and Phoenix Suns have done very well this year. What’s more likely for these teams: Going to the finals or being upset in the first round? Who is the Coach of the Year at this point? Quickish Questions and more!

With Antony Hall and Ryan Henry.

Episode 8.195: Vong Show & Cathryn Naiker

The Raps are rolling on a three-game win streak, but do we want them to be rolling is the question.

RAPTORS: The 10th seed is within the team’s grasp, but what is so bad about being the 10th seed? If you had to guess, who looks like they might have the most promising NBA career between Yuta Watanabe, Paul Watson and Fred Gillespie? Fun segment alert: We take a current Raptor and design a theme park in their spirit.

NBA: Zion to the Knicks campaign is starting to show some life. Small markets are having a real hard time keeping stars. Is talk like this bad for the league or just harmless fun? The play-in tournament has some lovers and some haters, but it’s happening either way. Which potential match-up are you looking forward to seeing?

Quickish Questions and more of course, with new member of the Sonar fam Vong Show and the always wonderful Cathryn Naiker!

Episode 8.194: Derick Deonarain & Ian Gordon

Raps are signing bigs and other new acquisitions are breaking records!

Raptors: How are we feeling about Spicy P? Big boys are doing big things. Speaking of which, how are new centers Freddie Gillespie and Khem Birch fitting in on the court? What record will new Raptor Gary Trent Jr. break next?

NBA: What is the worst contract in the NBA? What team needs to do a full rebrand the most? Quickish Questions and more with Derick Deonarain and Ian Gordon!

Episode 8.193: Sheldon Alexander & Cathryn Naiker

Raptors are zigzagging from wins to losses through the final stretch of the season and don’t be surprised if they end up in the play-in tourney!

RAPTORS: Nurse and Siakam are talking about a playoff push, trolls are talking lottery odds and O.G.’s wrestling moves. What should fans be talking about? Raptors signed Freddie Gillespie to a 10-day contract. Should we expect the Donte Hall treatment, the Henry Ellenson treatment or something different? Norm! We didn’t touch on his departure last week so we say some nice things and reminisce.

NBA: Who is your most improved player so far? What’s 2021’s most exciting move? Quickish Questions and more, with Sheldon Alexander and Cathryn Naiker.

Episode 8.192: Vivek Jacob & Adam Christie

The trade deadline has passed and we’ve said goodbye to Norm Powell, Terence Davis and Matt Thomas. Hello, Gary Trent Jr. and Rodney Hood! It ain’t over till it’s over!

RAPTORS: Twenty-five games to go. It’s been a rough ride. What should fans focus on to get through this last bit of the season? (Development, draft, playoff push?) How are GM Bobby and President Masai feeling a week past the deadline? The Gary Trent Jr./Sr trade fact is wild. We talk other fun Raptors facts!

NBA: What team improved the most at the trade deadline? Is Draymond Green the best defensive player ever? Or does he even make the top ten?

Quickish Questions! and more with Vivek Jacob and Adam Christie!

Episode 8.191: Sean Woodley & Alex Wood

The Raptors are bottoming out, rumours are flying, players and coaches are fighting! It’s really turning into the nightmare we were all afraid of, but it’s not as bad as it seems.

RAPTORS: With the team bottoming out and free-agent sharks lurking around, we try to bring some calm for panicked Raptor fans. Reports are coming out that Siakam is either being fined or disciplined for swearing at Nick Nurse. Is there a rift forming there or is this just losing-streak frustrations? We cap off the Raps segment talking about this week’s trade deadline and what’s gonna happen for the Raptors.

NBA: With COVID, injuries and free agency, this season has been a mess. What team has it the most together through all this? Who is the fastest player in the league?

Quickish Questions and more fun talk with guests Sean Woodley and Alex Wood!

Episode 8.190: Miguel Rivas & Georgea Brooks

The Raptors have lost five straight, but hopefully are getting their starters back happy and healthy and ready to go soon!

RAPTORS: The Raptors started 2-8, then went 17-5 before getting COVID. How devastating a blow will this end up being to the season? What’s something you want to happen at the deadline and what is most likely gonna happen? With players out due to COVID, the bench is getting plenty of opportunities. Who’s been the best coming off the bench?

NBA: Who should be worried more about the health of their superstars? Brooklyn, Philly or the Lakers? Who is the coolest player in the NBA?

Quickish Questions and more, with Miguel Rivas and Georgea Brooks!

Episode 8.189: Antony Hall & Jay Rosales

All-Star weekend is over and the Raptors are ready to get back at it.

RAPTORS: Understanding Norm’s grind. It’s definitely something that’s misunderstood. What is Powell’s future role in the league? Looks like the Raps are interested in Alize Johnson from the 905. Are the Raptors gonna have quiet deadline ideas like this or are they gonna blow the doors off and go for it? To cap off the Raptors’ segment, we each pick a player on the roster and decide which skill they have to improve to make the team more successful.

NBA: Blake Griffin goes to Brooklyn after being bought out by the Pistons. Does this do anything for the Nets? How good are the Phoenix Suns? Does Chris Paul get the credit he deserves for making teams that he plays on so much better?

Quickish Questions and more, with Jay Rosales and Antony Hall!

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