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THE TAMPA BAY RAPTORS SEASON: All our episodes that take place during the 2020-21 NBA season, from the late December start right to the end of the playoffs!

Episode 8.208: Season Finale w/ Nick Reynoldson & Derick Deonarain

The Milwaukee Bucks are NBA Champions, which means we’ve made it to the end of season eight!

RAPTORS: One week till the NBA draft. Where is your head at if you’re Raptors management? The teasing and unveiling of the Raptors NFT was pretty lame. We think of some other lame things we’d like to make the fans celebrate.

NBA: Giannis is a champ! Also a 2x MVP, Finals MVP and had one of the best close-out games in history. Are people done talking shit about him? People are saying the Bucks win is good for small markets and for the league. Is that the right take?

Quickish Questions and more, with Nick Reynoldson and Derick Deonarain!

Thanks for listening to season eight! We’ll continue on with our Off-Season Funhouse episodes until season nine starts in October.

Episode 8.207: Matt Henry & Jay Rosales

The Suns are still up 2-1, but the Bucks seem destined to at least tie this thing up.

RAPTORS: As the draft approaches, Raptor trade rumours are starting to swirl. Is there any trade that we should hope for? The team just hired a new assistant coach. What if the Raptors hired a celebrity coach? Who would that be? (Fun Segment alert)

NBA: The Finals are 2-1 at the time of this recording. Besides CP3, who deserves a championship ring? The NBA is a copycat league. What qualities might teams want to emulate from these Bucks and Suns teams?

Quickish Questions and more, with Matt Henry and Jay Rosales!

Episode 8.206: Georgea Brooks & Yaw Attuah

It’s Finals time! Chris Paul and the Suns and Giannis and the Bucks, here we go!

RAPTORS: Jalen Harris has been suspended for a year for violating the NBA’s drug policy. Of course we will learn more, but how is this the solution and how bad do you feel for Harris? All of the attention is on the Siakam/Warriors and of course Masai and Kyle’s status. What else are you thinking about right now as a Raptors fan?

NBA: Team Canada! Wow! What a game, what a tournament and what a heartbreak. Thoughts? What do you think will be the definitive narrative of this Suns/Bucks Finals? Quickish Questions and more! With Georgea Brooks and Yaw Attuah.

Episode 8.205: Katie Heindl & Cathryn Naiker

NBA is making its way through the conference finals and the time has come where something should be happening with the future of Masai! What will it be?

Raptors: Raptors rumours! Hollinger has done his best to shake up the fan base! Are the Raptors in need of a course correction and should they use the draft to do it? Eye on Masai! This podcast will air on the date his contract expires. What is next for Masai?

NBA: FIBA is back! Do you care? What’s one element of international basketball you would like to see cross over to the NBA? Patrick Beverley mocking CP3 was a high level of disrespect! What’s another moment of on-court disrespect that comes to mind, that didn’t result in something actually bad?

Quickish Questions and more! With Katie Heindl and Cathryn Naiker!

Episode 8.204: Kevin Dowse & Alex Wood

The Raptors moved up to 4th at the draft lottery, which was nice karma after playing 72 away games this season!

RAPTORS: Last time the Raptors drafted 4th, they took Chris Bosh. A hard act to follow, but who should the team go for in this top-heavy draft? Some might say the draft lottery is rigged. We get outrageous with some other NBA conspiracies! The first time we got a 4th overall pick, we ended up trading the drafted Jamison for Vince Carter immediately. If they don’t use the pick, what should they do with it?

NBA: Which player’s reputation has increased or decreased the most in these playoffs? The teams that were “supposed” to trade for Kyle Lowry are now all out of the playoffs. Of the 26 teams no longer in contention to win, which team has the most regrets and what exactly should they be regretful of?

Quickish Questions and more, with Kevin Dowse and Alex Wood.

Relating to what we talked about during the intro and end of the episode, please click the link to go to the Encampment Support Network to donate and contribute to helping our fellow unhoused citizens facing unjust encampment evictions.

Episode 8.203: Randl Morales & Jay Rosales

The second round of the playoffs is almost over but injury concerns have taken centre stage!

Raptors: Sergio is out as assistant coach, Masai future still undetermined and Siakam just had shoulder surgery that’ll keep him out till November. Is the team in disarray or is this regular off-season stuff? With the draft lottery coming up soon, we’ll know where the Raptors are picking. Some potential players entering draft have some weird team workout requests. We talk about what ours would be! We won’t know what happens with Lowry, Gary Trent Jr. or free agents for a bit, but what players we do have will develop the most for next season?

NBA: Injuries to stars have hit record numbers and LeBron is getting vocal about it. How are we feeling about the injuries piling up these playoffs and how is it affecting our fan enjoyment? Is Kevin Durant the best player in the world?

Quickish Questions and more, with Randl Morales and Jay Rosales!

Episode 8.202: Alan Shane Lewis & Matt McCready

Matty D is still out of town, but we planned a fun ep for you with some Raptors Trivia! Again, we record the intro before the release so we’ll talk some playoff and current news there!

This Raptors season was a tough one. Playing in Tampa, not making playoffs, Baynes– You name it. Freddie leads a fun game of Raptors Trivia where we see who thrived and who died during the season, stat-wise. How many players can you name on other teams? Alan Shane Lewis and Matt McCready join us to find out! Lots of buzzers and dings in this one, and ding-dongs!

Episode 8.201: Alan Shane Lewis & Matt McCready

Matty D is out of town, so we prerecorded a fun segment, but the intro is current so we will talk some playoffs! We also recap how our playoff pool is going.

Producer Matt takes the reins this week and continues his segment of “The Greatest Draft Picks of the 21st Century.” He picks 8 players, all who were drafted in the same position in different years, then Freddie and the guests vote for who is the best player to be drafted at that position in the 21st Century. This time he’s chosen the 8th OVERALL PICK! Cross your fingers for Nik Stauskas!

Our guests Matt McCready and Alan Shane Lewis make this a super fun time. You can check out our YouTube if you wanna see the tournament bracket while you listen!

Episode 8.200: Yaw Attuah & Cathryn Naiker

Welcome to our 200th episode! Thank you all so much for listening, contributing and sharing over the years. Always fun to hit a nice round number!

RAPTORS: Watching the playoffs without the Raptors is a very different feeling. What current Raptor would you have liked to see in the playoffs this year? After every off-season, some players tend to come back better. Which Raptor takes the biggest off-season leap?

NBA: They playoffs have been incredible so far! What team has been the most surprisingly good or bad? Which player has had the best individual performance so far?

Quickish Questions and more, with Yaw Attuah and Cathryn Naiker!

Episode 8.199: Andre De Pape & Matt McCready

With the season concluding and the play-in tournament under way, it’s time for the Raptors to focus on getting ready for next season.

RAPTORS: What has been learned from this terrible Raptors season? Masai, Kyle Lowry, Gary Trent Jr… These are some big names the organization has to make a decision on. What is the ideal off-season for the Raptors? Fun segment: Give the final pitch to Masai for him to stay with the Raptors! Profits, Sliders, run Ontario?

NBA: Play-in tournament has started and we’re picking which matchups we’re excited about. Speaking of the play-in, those games have been pretty bad so far, right? Yeesh. Here’s hoping the LeBron vs Curry matchup is worth the hype.

More fun and laughs with Andre de Pape and Matt McCready!

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