Confederacy of Dunks

Episode 7.131: Mark Little & Nile Séguin

We’re back with our first pod of the ’20s! Raps are grinding away through the injuries and sit at 24-12.

Raps: Tied for 15th on O, 4th on D and 6th in net rating. Is this who the Raptors are? What will change as the season goes along? Trade season. Who should the Raps target?

NBA: Who makes the 8th seed in the west? Have the Lakers and the Bucks separated themselves from the pack or do they just have good records? Who is the best player that no one is talking about? Quickish Questions and more!

Special guests on this pod: Mark Little and Nile Séguin!

Episode 7.130: Cathryn Naiker & Daniel Reis

The Klaw finally got his ring and the 18-8 Raps now have the Kawhi Era officially behind them.

Raptors: We talk the amazing ring ceremony for Kawhi and take you right through to the wins against Brooklyn and Cleveland. Numbers. There are quite a few of them. We talk which number stats we’re watching through the year. (A certain players 3 point %, team rebounding %, turnovers, etc.) Is Powell’s play the new “norm”?

NBA: G-league is thinking about unionizing and is adding its 29th team in Mexico City. How should the NBA continue to grow? What team should tank OR who should go all-in? Do you like the Brooklyn Nets’ grey court? What is an under-appreciated look in the NBA (court/Jersey/outfit etc)? Quickish Questions and more!

Special guests: Cathryn Naiker and Daniel Reis!

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Episode 7.129: Miguel Rivas & Ryan Henry

The 16-7 Raps went 0-3 against the measuring-stick session with Miami, Houston, and Philly, but the game of the season is upon us! That’s right. Kawhi’s return to Toronto.

Raptors: We wouldn’t be Raptors’ fans if we didn’t scare easily. We talk out our worries for the team at the quarter mark. What is the best possible outcome for the Kawhi return game? What is your single fav defensive/offensive Raps highlight of the season so far?

NBA: Who is the current coach of the year? The trade-rumour season has started! Who should be calling the Cavs and who should they be calling about? Who are the first time All Stars this year?

Special guests joining us this week: Miguel Rivas and Ryan Henry!

Episode 7.128: Antony Hall & Alex Wood

The 15-4 Raps are still undefeated at home (9-0). With Miami, Houston and Philly coming up, they have a huge opportunity to turn some heads a full lap.

RAPTORS: Who is better than the Raptors? Ibaka is back and Boucher is benched. Does TD get benched when Kyle comes back? Should Nurse find minutes for them and did RHJ become our 8th man? Who is better than Pascal Siakam?

NBA: What team is the most shocking, good or bad? No coach has been fired so far. Is that an NBA record? Who gets fired first? The drop-off in the East is huge. Do any of those teams not suck? Quickish Questions! Special return guests: Antony Hall and Alex Wood.

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Episode 7.127: Yaw Attuah

Raptors are 13-4 and we’re still reeling from that huge win against Philly and “zero points” Embiid. From Gasol to Boucher to Nurse and beyond, we got lots of praise to throw around, plus we talk the potential rule changes and some Quickish Questions!

Special return guest: Yaw Attuah!

Episode 7.126: Cathryn Naiker & Matt McCready

The 7-3 Raps just got through one of the hardest back-to-backs, beating the Lakers and losing a tough one to Kawhi and the Clippers.

Raptors: Who made the most of their opportunity? (Boucher, RHJ or TD?) The Raptors are now dealing with injuries to three key guys. Will the adrenaline wear off? Nick Nurse has been great and we’ve got some hot compliments to throw at him!

NBA: Dunk/Pass/Turnover– You’ve played that game, right? Of course you have. It’s fun, trust us? Also, we talk worst narratives so far and a hot quiz for the guests.

We also got some hot new stings for ya and a nice round of Quickish Questions! Special guests on this one: Cathryn Naiker and Matt McCready!

Episode 7.125: Alex Pavone & Alan Shane Lewis

Another hot post-game recording coming at ya! Raps are now 3-1 after they squeaked by and beat the Magic 104-95. Special guests on this pod: Alex Pavone and Alan Shane Lewis!

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Episode 7.124: Ian Gordon, James Rathbone & Your Boy Brian

Season 07 premiere of Confederacy of Dunks! We thought we’d commemorate the new season by recording after the intense and jittery 130-122 OT win to start the season off with a short and sweet reaction pod.

The banner ceremony, Siakam and FVV going off for 34, thoughts on the game, the season ahead, and more.

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Special guests on this episode: Ian Gordon, James Rathbone and Your Boy Brian.