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REIGNING CHAMPS VS THE PANDEMIC. The NBA season was postponed in March of 2020 because of COVID-19, but we kept plowing through until the NBA officially called it. All our episodes that take place during the 2019-20 NBA season, from October right to the end of the playoffs!

Episode 7.140: Jason Leung & Paul Beer

The Raptors had a very successful west-coast trip, going 4-1 and sit with a record of 46-18. We’re starting to think about playoffs, oh boy!

Raptors: Norm getting player of the week and immediately injuring himself seems like a microcosm of this season. We talk more Raptors’ microcosms. Is Serge Ibaka the most underestimated player in the NBA? It’s time for early playoff talk. Starting with the first round, we pick our preferred teams to face as we march back to the finals.

NBA: Worries in the east! Which fan base should be panicking the most between the Celtics, Pacers and Bucks? Has LBJ closed the gap on the MVP race? Who is a non-Raptor player you are rooting for this year? Quickish Questions and more!

Special guests on this episode: That’s a Rap Podcast’s Jason Leung and Talking Terry’s Paul Beer!

Episode 7.139: Dan Galea & Alexey Ots

The Raptors are sitting in 2nd in the east with a 42-18 record, but are in the midst of a three-game losing streak. Not panicked but we are a little worried with how this could affect playoff matchups.

RAPS: We talk concerns in relation to the losing streak, thoughts on OG’s career night and predict the week ahead for the Raptors.

NBA: Jokic is a remarkable passer, Zion is a ridiculous jumper etc. Who has a super skill that no one talks about? Zion VS LBJ was fun. What’s your favourite playoff matchup in the NBA that we’re hoping happen? Besides the Raptors, we talk who we’re watching in the standings. Quickish Questions and more!

Special guests on this ep: Dan Galea and Alexey Ots!


????LBJ and Kawhi are cute arguments, but Giannas is the best player in the world and has been since he turned 24. Yes, he still shoots 31% from 3, and yes, the Raps + Kawhi & Danny beat him last year, but he’s rocking the best PER of all time and is on his way to a potential unanimous MVP. The good thing for the league is that he has to play with other people.

????The good thing for the Raps is that they successfully walled him off all game long, limiting him to 19 points! He got 19 rebounds (who cares) and 9 assists (this matters). It wasn’t a shut down, but the Raps have the resources, even without Gasol/Norm/Pat to dictate how Giannas plays. This is a measuring stick game, so that’s really impressive and encouraging.

????The Bucks have a better ranked defence than the Raps, but I think our defensive versatility is our biggest advantage over this squad. Last night was pure scramble defence, which is great for holding a team to a bad 3 point % (they shot 33%), but unfortunately they also have guys like Kris and Brook who can get high % 2’s. This is where you miss Gasol’s elite skills. We can play drop down like Lopez does, scramble like we did last night, go huge with our bigs or even go full small ball with RHJ.

????Playoff auditions! This was my favourite part of the game. Davis, Boucher, Thomas and RHJ all proved they can make big plays against the best team in the NBA. This is massive because when Norm and Gasol get back; minutes will get tighter and Nurse will know that these guys are more valuable than a break glass scenario.

????These are the two best teams in the NBA. Last year, we outscored the Bucks by 6 points in the series. Basically, we outscored them by 1 point every game. It was tight. Kawhi scored more than a 1/3 of our points in that series, so we’ll obviously need to find production elsewhere. We know that Pascal can fill some of that void, but efficient offensive performances from everyone is a requisite to beating this squad in May. I’m confident it’s possible, and that the Bucks are breakable, but it’s on this squad to prove that they can do it, and they haven’t yet.

Episode 7.138: Jarrett Campbell & Katie Heindl

The Raptors just had a huge franchise-high win over the Pacers and sit at 42-15 with the Bucks up next.

We talk with Jarrett Campbell about what it’s like producing for Serge Ibaka’s Avec Classe, and Katie Heindl tells us what it was like to work the NBA All-Star Weekend in Chicago. Lots of good Raptors’ talk and a couple lightning rounds of Quickish Questions!

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Episode 7.137: Samson Folk & Derick Deonarain

All-Star weekend was a fun one! Raptors are off until Friday so we got some hot content to tide you over.

Raps: How did our guys do this weekend? We evaluate the performances of Nick, Pascal & Kyle. Playoff Pascal– What do you expect from Spicy in the playoffs? With 27 games left for this Raptors squad, what are our expectations for the team outside of staying healthy?

NBA: What was the best dunk from the dunk off? Biggest takeaway from the All-Star weekend? We also hypothesize on the biggest story lines soon to emerge!

Special guests on the pod: Samson Folk & Derick Deonarain!

Episode 7.136: Duane Watson & Ian Gordon

The Raptors have taken the franchise win streak to 15 and sit at 40-14.

Raps: We talk favourite moments of the win streak so far! A lot of mixed messages about Masai. What to believe? Who is the third most important player on this Raptors’ squad?

NBA: We pick our potential winners for the Skills Comp, 3-Point Contest, Dunk Off and MVP’s for Rising Stars at the All Star Game, also biggest deadline winner and which traded player needed a change of scenery the most? Quickish Questions to finish it off!

Special guests returning: Duane Watson and Ian Gordon!

Episode 7.135: Paloma Nuñez & Miguel Rivas

The 36-14 Raptors have tied their franchise record for a win streak at 11 and are looking to extend it against the Pacers!

Raptors: Fun win streak! We talk other fun streaks! Kyle is an All Star! Nick is an All Star. Let’s give them some credit here. Which non-Raptors’ team is the most like the Raptors? Who is their doppelgänger?

NBA: Fav non-Raps’ team to watch? Who is an All Star snub? New event ideas for All Star weekend? Quickish questions, of course!

Special guests joining us: Paloma Nuñez and Miguel Rivas!

Episode 7.134: Cathryn Naiker & Andy King

After hearing the news of Kobe Bryant’s tragic passing, the Raptors/Spurs had a very heavy game to get through and the Raps managed to slog to a 110-106 win in San Antonio. We start off the show with a good chat about the different feelings and thoughts about Kobe Bryant and his legacy.

Raps: We give our thoughts on the emotional Spurs game. Ten years into playing basketball, Pascal Siakam is an NBA All Star!! How long does this Raptors’ win streak go? (They very well could at least tie the franchise record).

NBA: We talk Zion’s debut and what to expect from here on out. Who got snubbed from the All Star starters? Quickish Questions and more.

Special guests joining us: Cathryn Naiker & Andy King!

Episode 7.133: Will Weldon & Ennis Esmer

We recorded this right after the insane MLK Day 122-117 win against the Hawks. Raptors are now at 29-14 and we’ve got some hot reactions to today’s game that we want you to hear if you ever make it past the intro!

NBA: We talk about the boring trades that have happened so far. Which sub-500 team has the best long-term outlook? Who should be in the 2020 Dunk Off?

Special guests blasting us from L.A.: Will Weldon and Ennis Esmer!

Episode 7.132: Will Weldon & Roger Bainbridge

Siakam is back after being out nearly a month but we still lost to DeMar and the Spurs and plump the record to 25-14.

Raptors: Freeze frame of DeRozan dunking on Boucher’s soul. Where do both of their careers go from that point on? Gasol is coming back soon and Fred won’t be out long. Who should start when the squad is healthy? Is FVV an all star?

NBA: Who gets the 2 seed in each conference? Top 3 weirdest players in the NBA? Quickish Questions and more!

Special guests joining us are comedians Will Weldon and Roger Bainbridge.

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