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REIGNING CHAMPS VS THE PANDEMIC. The NBA season was postponed in March of 2020 because of COVID-19, but we kept plowing through until the NBA officially called it. All our episodes that take place during the 2019-20 NBA season, from October right to the end of the playoffs!

Episode 7.148: Patrick Ronan Stewart & Yaw Attuah

The pandemic can’t keep us down, so let’s keep injecting some basketball content into our minds until the season resumes. Lots of episode 5 and 6 content related to Last Dance!

If you watched episode 5 and 6, what’s more shocking: An incredible New York Knicks team or a dominant Charles Barkley?

We’ve got some more updates to Freddie’s 2K character and the reporters are showing up for this one.

Toni Kukoč proved himself after a tough start. Who else is a good example of that?

Blast from the Drafst: Matty takes us through some highlights of an old NBA draft, a truly, madly, deeply important one for the Raptors.

Jordan’s first three finals weren’t easy, but it seems like his toughest battles early on were in the Eastern Conference. What is your all-time favourite non-finals series? Quickish Questions!

With Patrick Ronan Stewart and Yaw Attuah!

Episode 7.147: Katie Heindl & Andre de Pape

Twenty years from now, when the Raptors get to make their coronavirus Last Dance-style documentary, what will it be called and who will be the hardest interview to get?

In the spirit of episodes 3 and 4 of Last Dance, who should the Raptors send to Vegas for 48 hours and what would Serge do when he was there? We get into the recent episodes and talk about the Worm!

We’ve got updates on Freddie’s 2K segment, Matt takes us back to a very deep draft that coincided with the release of Tetris and Ghostbusters, Quickish Questions and more!

Special guests this week: Katie Heindl and Andre De Pape!

Episode 7.146: Adam Christie & Nigel Downer

We’re churning out some basketball butter for you here, so slap two pieces of bread on your ears and have a listen! NBA fans are going nuts for The Last Dance and so are we. We dive heavy into the first two episodes. Stay tuned to see which guest is silently watching it for his third time while we recorded!

Freddie 2K: A dramatic reading. We catch up on Freddie’s 2K character and, people, his stats are not getting better!

We Hollywood cast The Last Dance within the first two aired episodes and you’re damn right that Brad Pitt will play someone. We going to the top!

Blast from the Drafst Segment: Matt takes us back to an NBA draft during a time when the Wii came out and Facebook went public. It wasn’t a Primo draft, that’s for sure.

More Last Dance talk, Quickish Questions and more.

With special guests Adam Christie and Nigel Downer!

Episode 7.145: Alan Shane Lewis & Ian Gordon

The NBA just released a H.O.R.S.E. competition and, love it or hate it, we applaud the effort. We’ve got some new segments to chew on! Put yourself in Freddie’s shoes as he tries to make it in the NBA2K, or step inside the phone booth with Matt and head back in time to an NBA draft that won’t be overshadowed by The Matrix or the fears of YTK. Quickish Questions and more!

Special guests on the pod this week are Alan Shane Lewis and Ian Gordon!

Episode 7.144: Ned Petrie & Andre de Pape

We’re all missing basketball right now, so we’ve got some fun hoops content for you to enjoy. Hang in there, everybody!

On this episode, we ask the question: What is your basketball escape? Are you 2K’ing your brains out too?

Chicago is chasing (and possibly paging) Bobby Webster? Is this even appropriate right now?

If the season is cancelled but free agency resumes, what do the Raptors do with Serge, Fred, Gasol & Boucher?

People are clamouring for any type of basketball right now. What’s the basketball idea or rumour that’s excited you the most?Fun Quickish Questions round to top it all off!

Special guests on this pod: Ned Petrie and Andre De Pape!

Freddie on the Flyve – Call 03

We’ve got some bonus content for ya! Freddie on the Flyve is a segment that is exclusively for our Patreon page, but we decided to open it up to everyone during the pandemic and NBA suspension so we can provide as much content as possible for you to pass the time!

Producer Matt calls Freddie and asks him five random questions to elaborate on. Basketball related, world related, and even Flubber related.

Episode 7.142: Favourite Raptors Stories

We hope everyone is making out okay during this wild and isolating time. This is now our second episode during the COVID-19 crisis and, other than Terrence Davis scarfing down donuts and being reprimanded by Serge, we don’t have much news to tell you on the Raptors’ front.

But we do have so many memories and favourite moments that the Raptors have given us, don’t we? We thought, why not do a segment where we ask around to some of our awesome past guests and see what memories they have that they want to share?

Special guests on this episode include Jess Nicolette,  Thomas Rivas, Paulina Vu,  Your Boy Brian and Cathryn Naiker!

We’re gonna keep dishing out content for you during this weird and scary time and we hope it provides some distraction. Thanks for tuning in!

Episode 7.141: Kevin Dowse & Matt McCready – Part 02

Hey guys!

We hope you enjoyed Part 01 of our Ultimate Coach rankings. Here’s Part 02, the top 15 coaches in the NBA ranked by us. Don’t skip to the end to see who’s number one. You gotta savour it!

Once again, Kevin Dowse and Matt McCready help us go from rankings 15 all the way to 1. Enjoy and be well! We’ll keep the content coming during this difficult time.

Episode 7.141: Kevin Dowse & Matt McCready – Part 01

Hey pals. These are some wild times and we hope all of you are safe and managing well during this crisis. The NBA has been suspended and the Raptors are all under quarantine, so we don’t really have much Raptors’ news to talk about other than Serge’s cool quarantine gym or Boucher breaking out for a bit.

But we want to sooth you with some content in any way we can, so we decided to do an Ultimate Coach Ranking segment (active coaches) to give you some fun, juicy content. We went so long that we decided to break the episode into two parts: The bottom 15 and the top 15.

Special guests joining us on the pod this week are former co-host Kevin Dowse and comedian Matt McCready!

Be well, everybody! Stay tuned tomorrow for part 02: the top 15 coaches!

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