Confederacy of Dunks

Episode 7.158 – Cathryn Naiker & Dan Galea

We’re back, we’re healthy, we’re incredible. Raptors record sits at 48-18 after two impressive wins against the Lakers and Heat. RAPS: Fred looking like Steph, Kyle is a legend and OG just shut down LBJ and Bam back to back. Of greatest concern, Siakam looking tentative at times or our deep bench looking a little… Continue reading Episode 7.158 – Cathryn Naiker & Dan Galea

Episode 7.157 – Alan Shane Lewis & Matt McCready

Basketball has returned and the Raptors have finished their 3-game scrimmages going 2-1. The season restart is finally here! The next games are gonna count! We talk favourite scrimmage moments, what games we’re most looking forward to with the eight remaining regular season games, and playoff worries!

NBA: Getting Chicken at Magic City. What do you think should happen with Lou Will? Who did you forget about until the bubble came back and who were you happiest to see? Big pile of Quickish Questions and lots more fun.

Special guests on the pod: Alan Shane Lewis and Matt McCready!

Episode 7.156: Daniel Reis & Miguel Rivas

Basketball is back!! Our first glimpse of the bubbled games has begun. It’s exciting but also super weird and strange…

Raptors: Is Perkins puffing up Pascal? Let’s see if we can name 10 players that are for sure better than Spicy in the 2019 season. What are you hoping to see from the Raptors/Rockets scrimmage? The entire team is healthy! Everyone will get to play in the lead-up to the playoffs. Who has the most potential to increase their pre-pandemic role on the team?

NBA: So many guys out for various reasons and various lengths! Which team has had the most significant loss so far in the bubble? We pick our all-NBA teams, Quickish Questions and more! Special guests on the pod: Daniel Reis and Miguel Rivas!

Episode 7.155: Cathryn Naiker & Ian Gordon

The Raps are already in the bubble! How nervous are you? Bosh was on the Lowe Post and talked about fracturing his face and missing the playoffs with the Raptors. Does that heartbreak still register for you? Open Gym was already next level. Are they going to win an Oscar for filming stuff in Orlando?

NBA: The WNBA just got their tests in and they did a bit better. Liz Campage opted out due to a condition, but otherwise the rate is 5%. Are you excited for the WNBA to, perhaps, have its moment, albeit under ridiculous circumstances? Silver said significant spread in the NBA campus could result in the league shutting back down. Is this the first indication of the NBA having second thoughts or is this just old, cold, calculated Silver?

All this bubble talk! The NBA is a massively rich corporation. If money wasn’t an issue, what else would be interesting to see in a bubble? Quickish Questions and more! With comedians Cathryn Naiker and Ian Gordon!

Episode 7.154: Katie Heindl & Randl Morales

More players are being diagnosed with COVID it seems every day, which makes the whole restart feel very weird.

Raptors: Fred’s statement. Vince Carter retired and there is a big, swelling feeling, bubbling up in you. What’s the feeling? Raptors have their 8 game schedule. What do you expect?

NBA: Is there a tipping point for the cancellation of the NBA season? Is it the Brooklyn Nets? J.R Smith to the Lakers, Noah to the Clippers. What’s another team that needs to add a piece? Who is going to win it all?

Quickish Questions and more! With Katie Heindl and Randl Morales.

Episode 7.153: Alex Pavone & Alan Shane Lewis

Freddie is about to join an NBA 2K league with our guests and he’s pretty excited about it.

Raps: Masai was on Metro Morning. He said, “There seems to be something different in the air this time.” Does that resonate with you? Rumour has it the Raptors are already in Florida. Are you hoping for anything from them in regards to protest?

NBA: Is the media being fair with Kyrie Irving? The players have all the leverage here. How do you think they should use it? What team quietly got really healthy in the pandemic? Quickish Questions and more.

With Alex Pavone and Alan Shane Lewis!

Episode 7.152: Yaw Attuah & Antony Hall

We hope everyone is doing okay during this difficult time. We took last week off and may take more time off in the future if we feel like our voices are inappropriate. We wanted to listen and keep our eyes open and we’ll continue to do that. Please donate, share, listen, and support:

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Black Lives Matter Toronto

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The Baseline NBA Podcast


With the NBA getting closer to a potential return, can this Raptors team continue their momentum? Skinny Marc thoughts? The Raptors don’t get to practice at home. Disadvantage?

NBA: How should the NBA handle protests from fans and players? The real asterisk is that every team that doesn’t win the championship will call it an asterisk. What is one change you would like to see in the NBA that is positive for black lives? Quickish Questions and some thoughtful discussions with Yaw Attuah and Antony Hall.

Episode 151: Cathryn Naiker & Alan Shane Lewis

The NBA is on track to return soon so it’s time to get back to some current basketball!

Raps: This pandemic only slowed us down. There are many different scenarios and variables at play, but most have the Raptors playing the Nets or the Grizzlies. Preference? Which Raptor will play the best coming out of the pandemic break? Who will play the worst?

FREDDIE’s 2K Fantasy: We’ve got more updates on Freddie’s 2K guy and, uh-oh, the Toronto Sun sent their top reporters again to drop some questions.

NBA: Play in or play on or group stage? What is the best way for the NBA to re-create home-court advantage?

Matt’s Draft from the Past takes us back to a time when a special meeting happened in Calcutta, also Critters came out. Quickish Questions! With Cathryn Naiker and Alan Shane Lewis.

Episode 7.150: Dylan Gott & Bobby Brown

It’s been a fun five weeks watching The Last Dance. It gave us the basketball content we so desperately needed during this ongoing crisis and we’re grateful for it. And now it’s over!

Where do you rank The Last Dance among other sports films/documentaries? There are rotation players and role players and Steve Kerr was one of the best role players. Who is your favourite role player ever? Who was the best adversary to MJ? What were your top moments from the entire doc?

Matt’s Draft from the past (birth of a new era), Freddie’s NBA 2K player, Quickish Questions and more!

With Dylan Gott and Bobby Brown.

Episode 7.149: Antony Hall & Thomas Rivas

Episodes 07 and 08 of The Last Dance aired and we’ll continue to relate our content to the doc!

Time stopped when they asked Cartwright if MJ is a nice guy. The answer is no and it was cringeworthy. What is the best musical sting to edit into that pregnant pause?

We all know Michael has final say on this doc. Who is the biggest omission from the doc so far?

Matt’s Draft from the Past! A time when the World Wide Web, Doom and probably the most popular stuffed animals were introduced to the world.

He was mean to Scott, he made Steve Kerr punch him and he basically admitted to bullying teammates he felt couldn’t cut it. Is MJ a good leader? Is there a better way to lead?

Freddie’s 2K player highlights and the press keeps turning up some interesting reporters!

Watching this doc, what’s something that you wish you saw in today’s NBA that isn’t really there anymore? Quickish questions! With Antony Hall and Thomas Rivas.