Confederacy of Dunks

Episode 6.111: Simon Ho, Jess Nicolette, Yaw Attuah, Alex Stephenson, Jonathan Yam & Alex Wood

HOLY SNIKES! After 111 episodes, we can finally say that our Toronto Raptors are NBA champions!!! It’s our season 06 finale, and we got lots of hot takes from guests about their favourite moments from this championship run.

Lots of love for Lowry, the mess of the parade, the Masai altercation, THE SHOT, so much more, Tell Me Something I Don’t Know segment (We reach the 100th Raptor!) and you best believe Freddie’s shooting more cannons off.

These last six seasons of the podcast have been a wild ride and we love doing this. Thanks so much for listening and we’ll see you in the off-season!

Special guests on this episode: Simon Ho, Jess Nicolette, Yaw Attuah, Alex Stephenson, Jonathan Yam and Alex Wood!

Our friend Mark Baker was trampled at the victory parade and tore his achilles. Please donate a couple bucks to his GoFundMe if you can!

Episode 6.110: Cathryn Naiker, Gary Rideout Jr., Ned Petrie, Thomas Rivas, Elisa Nobrega & Jason DeRosse

A tough, weird, emotional loss in game 05 has the Raptors heading back to Oakland with a 3-2 lead in the series. They could win it all tonight!!

We did a call-in episode to get some hot takes on the series so far, the Durant injury, what the Raps have to do to close out the series, and you’d better believe Freddie’s setting that cannon off again!

Special guests on this episode: Cathryn Naiker, Gary Rideout Jr., Ned Petrie, Thomas Rivas , Elisa Nobrega and Jason DeRosse.

Episode 6.109: Ennis Esmer & Cathryn Naiker

Raptors are tied 1-1 in the NBA FINALS!!

RAPS: We are going to need everyone and everything to win this series. Kawhi’s buying houses and suing Nike– He’s staying! Which tier do we need more from to win: Tier 1 (Kawhi), Tier 2 (Kyle, Pascal & Marc) or Tier 3 (Serge, Danny & Fred)? There are so many new Raptors fans because of the finals. What tips or clarifications would you tell them? The Warriors overcoming despite injury seems to be the narrative that’s forming this finals. What does Nick Nurse do to change that? Should he try to surprise Steve Kerr?

NBA: It’s the finals, but 28 teams are at home. Who is the most deserving player to have never had a finals appearance? Adam Silver recently said that the NBA is not considering expansion. What should they be considering? Quickish questions and more!

With special guests: Ennis Esmer and Cathryn Naiker!

Episode 6.108: Graham Kay, Ian Gordon, Thomas Rivas, Will Weldon, Cathryn Naiker, Andre de Pape & Jonathan Yam

We’re back from the wedding break and THE RAPTORS ARE GOING TO THE NBA FINALS!!! This is biggest moment yet for Raptors’ fans so we had to do a call-in special and get as many takes as possible.

Special guests on this episode: Graham Kay, Ian Gordon, Thomas Rivas, Will Weldon, Cathryn Naiker, Andre De Pape and Jonathan Yam!

Episode 6.107: Christian Smith & Paulina Vu

A huge, thunderous win in game 5 has put the Raptors up 3-2 in the series. Freddie is getting married, so we’re heading into a two-week break until he gets hitched!

RAPS: Balance scoring, scorching defence, blood and big dunks. What was the best moment of that game last night? Kawhi’s greatness: How should Raptors’ fans contextualize what they are seeing? How great is this? Nurse making moves! Playing Serge big minutes seemed to have turned the series. What can Philly do to counter our big lineups?

NBA: Is this the most wide open the playoffs have ever been or are the Warriors’ struggle a mirage? Is Denver the most underrated team in the NBA? Is Boston done? What should Danny Ainge do if they go out in 5?

Special guests on this episode: Christian Smith and Paulina Vu!

Episode 6.106: Alex Pavone & Alan Shane Lewis

Tough loss put the Raps into a 1-1 tie with Philly.

RAPS: Top disappointments from game 2: What went wrong? What went right for the 76ers? What’s the key for the Raps going forward?

NBA: Players VS Refs. Are things getting worse? What should be done about it? What’s the most exciting player VS player matchup in the 2nd round? Of all the 8 teams eliminated, who is in the best position going forward? Quickish Questions, molly sellers and Big & Tall clothiers!

Special guests on this episode: Comedians Alex Pavone and Alan Shane Lewis!

Episode 6.105: Jess Nicolette & Miguel Rivas

The Raptors have beat the Magic, first time ever winning a series in five! This is a new feeling for Raptors’ fans. What was the best thing about the Magic series? With a pretty locked-in, eight-guy rotation, would you change anything for the Philly series? Does anything scare you about Philly? NBA: Bucks VS Celtics.… Continue reading Episode 6.105: Jess Nicolette & Miguel Rivas

Episode 6.104: Bobby Brown & Tristan Douglas

The Raptors RESPONDED in Game 02 and we are tied 1-1 with the Orlando Magic.

RAPS: Is that the most impressive playoff performance ever from a Raptor? We talk favourite Kawhi moments in game 02. A tight loss then a historic blowout win: Is your faith restored and what’s the key to winning the series? Who has been the biggest disappointment for the Raptors so far?

NBA: What’s a bigger blow to the Warriors, losing Boogie for the playoffs or getting embarrassed at home in round 01? Non-playoff drama: Magic peacing out on LA, Luke getting fired and hired by LA & Sac, Griffin getting hired by the Pelicans & coaching searches for Cleveland, LA & Memphis. OKC, Detroit, Indiana & Utah. Who is getting swept?

And we, as always, top it off with some Quickish Questions and classic tomfoolery! Special guests: Bobby Brownand Tristan Douglas!

Episode 6.103: Cathryn Naiker & Alex Wood

We recorded during the Raptors’ final game where they thrashed the Wolves and finished one win shy of their franchise record with 58-24.

Raps: Last pod before the playoffs. Based on this season alone, which Raptors had a top 3 season? Raptors psyche – Do the playoffs have a different feel this year or same old panic? Has Nurse’s long game paid off or are you still a traumatized fan? Will the Raptors finish their first series in less than six games for the first time ever?

NBA: The 4/5 matchups seem semi-locked in. We predict Indiana VS Boston and Portland VS Utah. Who in the west can beat the Warriors twice in a series? Who was the most underrated player of the year?

Plus players turned special ed teachers and private coaches, Quickish Questions and so much more!

Special guests on this episode: Cathryn Naiker and Alex Wood!

Episode 6.102: Graham Kay & Katie Heindl

Raps are 55-23 with four games to go. How good is Danny Green? Nurse is solidifying the rotation, is there anything wrong with it? Raptors’ content is hot right now. We rank our favourites from Kawhi having a Canadian baby to the Gasol Bros on How Hungry Are You?

NBA: We discuss our pick for defensive player of the year, weirdest storylines of the year and Freddie quizzes the guests on how well they know the rosters of the NBA’s worst teams. We also have an important discussion about the ongoing Porzingis allegations and how teams needs to be better at addressing these situations.

Also got some quickish questions, a player with 17 siblings and before there was Spicy P, there was Hot Sauce!

With special guests Graham Kay and Katie Heindl!