Confederacy of Dunks

Confederacy of Dunks – Episode 5.66

Season 05 finale! We’ve had a great time and a lot of great guests this season. Thanks to everybody who listened and was a guest on the podcast. We will be continuing on with Off-Season episodes, but let’s finish this season off with some spice first!

Cover topics like will the Raptors be better or worse next year? What’s next for Norm? What trade lands us a superstar this summer? We talk NBA as well: How much does the regular season matter? Favorite narrative of the finals this year, Colangelo burner accounts and some rapid fire questions!

With special guests: Ned Petrie, Jess Nicolette and Peder Myhr!

Thanks again for listening! Please give us a rating on iTunes and/or Stitcher. We’d appreciate it so much! See ya in the Off-Season Basketball Funhouse!

Confederacy of Dunks – Episode 5.65

After a little teaser of a possible Boston/Houston final, we’re back to reality with a Cleveland/Golden State final for the fourth straight time. We talk Raptor rookie contracts, which two would you keep? Masai’s biggest mistake? Who do want to be the next coach of the Raptors? We also talk NBA, is there a parity? Thoughts on the Finals, rapid fire questions, a special WNBA announcement and much more! With Katie Heindl, Ben Davies and Nile Seguin!

Confederacy of Dunks – Episode 5.64

Episode 64! We’re pounding the rock one last time before Casey throws it off a bridge! Well, it happened: The Raptors fired Dwane Casey. We go over our favourite Casey moments, who they should hire to replace him, what trades do we gotta make, ponder the Ibaka contract dilemma, lots of NBA final four talk and so much more! Special guests this week: Matt McCready and Ian Gordon!

Confederacy of Dunks – Episode 5.63

Ep 63. The Raps were just swept by the Cavs and we have a lot a lot a lot of thoughts. This episode is fully focused on the Raptors and where they go from here. Let’s grieve together and come up with some constructive thoughts! With special guests Will Weldon, Yaw Attuah, and Thomas Rivas!

Confederacy of Dunks – Episode 5.62

Ep 62, come breathe a sigh of relief with us after the Raptors took a 3-2 lead Wednesday night. Lots of Raptors playoff talk (DeMar is Neo now, Ibaka our 3rd best player? How much are we missing Van Vleet?) and we go through all the first-round matchups so far. With special guests: Alex Pavone, Bobby Brown and Nigel Downer!

Confederacy of Dunks – Episode 5.61

The Raptors have concluded their best season ever with a 59-23 record and it’s time to get jacked for the playoffs! Big playoff preview on this one, with special guests: Adam Christie and Will Weldon!

Confederacy of Dunks – Episode 5.60

Episode 60, Raptors are 55-20 and the playoffs are getting close! We compare the season of DeRozan and Lowry, which Raptor has best career, prospect rankings, fav potential playoff matchups, bad team quiz and much more B-ball talk! Special guests on this week: Miguel Rivas, Cathryn Naiker and Yaw Attuah!

Confederacy of Dunks – Episode 5.59

Ep 59 coming in hotter than a singed jersey sticking to your body! Raptors are 53-19!! We talk about those tough losses to the big teams, playoff concerns, insane Raptors commercial ideas, the Kawhi player-only meeting, an insane jersey segment, the West’s playoff lineups, big players all hurt on G-State and much more! With Dan Galea and Brian Kimmel!

Confederacy of Dunks – Episode 5.58

Episode 58! Raptors are an amazing 51-17 and riding a 10-game win streak, hopefully they tied a franchise record of 11 by the time you hear this. Lots of positive Raptor talk, we talk potential playoff matchups, NBA award predictions, ProLine picks and much more! With special guests Alan Shane Lewis and Gary Rideout Jr.!

Confederacy of Dunks – Episode 5.57

Comb over and take a listen, it’s episode 57! Raptors are 41-16 and ready to get back at it. We talk Raps being 1st in East, Casey getting All-Star recognition (coach of year possible?), buyout candidates, a special Bruno Caboclo tribute, lots of all-star weekend talk, Freddie’s guest spot on NBA XL, Billy Crystal and My Giant! Special guest on this ep: Tristan Douglas!