Confederacy of Dunks

Confederacy of Dunks – Episode 2.05

Happy New Year! The Confederacy of Dunks is back. It’s 2015. The NBA is getting closer to the halfway point of the season and the Raptors are 24-10, riding a three-game losing streak dating back to late 2014.
DeRozan is finally set to return after just about 6 weeks off, but will it make everything better? Is it time for some trades? Our guest, comedian Ben Miner, may have some New Year’s resolutions for the team.

Confederacy of Dunks – Episode 2.04

It’s our last show before the holidays and we’re ready to eat platefuls of gravy-topped stuffing like Raptors’ star player, Chuck Hayes. The Raps are 19-6, making dreams come true, even with DeRozan on the IR. This week we welcome comedian Mark Little on the show!

Happy holidays from Kev, Fred and Matt.

Confederacy of Dunks – Episode 2.03

We’re back and ready to tear this up worse than DeMar DeRozan’s groin! We recorded this just hours before they improved their record to 15-4. We’re so happy, we’re Lowry-running up the walls! This week we’re joined by This Hour Has 22 Minutes’ Adam Christie. We have an insanely fun time.

Confederacy of Dunks – Episode 2.02

We’re coming off the bench HOT Lou-Williams-style! Raptors are at the top with a hot 11-2 start and we couldn’t be happier, but are they earning their wins?? Check out episode 02 with special guest Comedian Dylan Gott!

Confederacy of Dunks – Episode 2.01

Season two premieres with a hot new reboot! New mics, new space, new theme song, new vibe! Kevin and Freddie welcome Matt Duncan
to the show as their new Roz Doyle-like producer! We talk all things
basketball and all things Raptors. Special guest to start off the
biweekly show: Marco Moltisanti!