Confederacy of Dunks

Off-Season Funhouse Edition – Episode 34

We’re back with our final off-season special before the Season 04 premiere and we’re proud to say we’re officially on the Talkhole Podcast Network! We got your Toronto Raptors talk, we’re all watching Kim’s Convenience, we got all kinds of NBA talk, a whole lot of wheeze laughing and you can actually hear the exact moment when the Jays’ season ended. Special guests this week: Comedians Patrick Ronan Stewart, Thomas Rivas and Ned Petrie!

Off-Season Funhouse Edition -Episode 33

Back with one of our final off-season funhouse specials! We’re talking all things pre-season, fantasy, and the Jays 10-1 bruising was on while we recorded. Special guest, Comedian Cathryn Naiker!

Off-Season Funhouse Edition – Episode 32

We’re back with another off-season special as we inch closer to training camp. Panel style with Adam Christie and Thomas Rivas! We tackle Anthem-gate, Masai’s new contract/position, super fun trivia segment and more!

Off-Season Funhouse Edition – Episode 31

Training camp is getting closer and we’re starting to get pumped! We’re back in the Basketball Funhouse and Freddie’s down in a sewer with Pennywise the Clown! (That’s a metaphor for ‘he couldn’t make this one’). We talk the Olympic basketball, the new Raps jerseys, we air our expectations for each and every Raptor, we talk teams that are gonna fall out of the playoffs and teams that will jump back in the playoffs, and there’s even a little Family Feud in this one. Comedians on the pod this week: Jordan Foisy and Ned Petrie!

Off-Season Funhouse Edition – Episode 21

It’s our final Off-Season Funhouse episode, which means the Season 03 premiere is next! We start it off talking Jays, then get into the Raptors rotation and our predicted season meltdowns and breakouts.
Two great comedians join us to officially sign off the off-season: Matt McCready and Josh Murray!

Off-Season Funhouse Edition – Episode 20

Our new ep is up with a smash and we’re breaking Derrick Rose’s orbital bone in the process.
We talk about the Raptors newly signed player, 2013 1st overall pick Anthony Bennett!
Also, a special segment where we rearrange the divisions by skill, from crappiest division to most elite! (Tune in just for the division names, if anything.) Who better to make our 20th episode special than Cleveland-bred, Cav faithful comedian Ned Petrie!

Off-Season Funhouse Edition – Episode 19

We’re a month and a half away from the start of the season and we’re starting to get excited.
We talk Team Canada, the Raptors rotation, we honor the late great Moses Malone and more! Matt drafts his first ever fantasy basketball team! Special guest this week: Comedian Ian Gordon!

Off-Season Funhouse Edition – Episode 18

We are back with Part 02 of our Off-Season round-up, and we take you from Memphis all the way to the Wizards. We talk the Valanciunas signing! Matt has morphed into the city of Brooklyn and wants to give you all your managerial updates. Return guests from Part 01: Miguel Rivas and Adam Christie!

Off-Season Funhouse Edition – Episode 17

We’re back in the Basketball Funhouse talking some off-season noise! We take you through Part 01 of our Free Agency Special. We talk about acquisitions and team projections for a bunch of teams before getting to our beloved Raptors. Also, stay tuned for an important Chuck Hayes update. Special guests this week: Miguel Rivas and Adam Christie!

Off-Season Funhouse Edition – Episode 16

We’re back with our first Off-Season Funhouse episode! We wrap up our thoughts on the NBA Finals and take you to the Entry Draft. We go through the projected top 14 and give our guesses for who the Raptors pick at 20, and the commissioner brings a lot of birds to the draft. Special guests this week: Comedian Matt McCready and John Rallis!