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These are the off-season episodes we record after the winner is crowned, right up to the start of the next NBA season! All off-seasons are mixed into this one category, it’s mad!

Episode 209: Off-Season Funhouse Edition: Matt McCready & Cathryn Naiker

After weeks of speculation on what happens or who the Raptors take in the draft, we’re going to find out on Thursday, so let’s speculate a little more!

Raptors: What is the best possible outcome for this team? We qualified Gary Trent Jr which makes sense, but we keep qualifying Nando just in case he comes back to the NBA. What former Raptor is there that you just can’t let go of, and what type of gesture would you do to make them stay?

NBA: The off-season has begun. Our old pal, JV, has been traded to the Pelicans. Is there a fit with Zion or is this too many big cooks in the kitchen? Which franchise is the best at drafting? Quickish Questions and more fun with Matt McCready and Cathryn Naiker!

Episode 177: Off-Season Funhouse Edition: Cathryn Naiker & Alan Shane Lewis

As a part of the 12 Days of Sonar, we got to Livestream this episode on the Sonar Network’s YouTube and it was a blast!

Raptors: How should Raptors fans feel about the Giannis Antetokounmpo signing? Has anyone looked better than Malachi Flynn? What have you not liked so far?

NBA: Did Giannis save the Supermax contract? What’s more exciting than the return of a healthy KD? Quickish Questions and more, with Cathryn Naiker and Alan Shane Lewis!

Episode 176: Off-Season Funhouse Edition: Sheldon Alexander & Adam Niebergall

We’ve got our second last off-season episode here and season eight is coming up in two weeks!

Raptors: The Raptors hire Chris Finch as an assistant. Old buddies with Nick, big imprints on Denver, Houston and NO. Who knows how all the coaches mesh together at the end of the day, but what’s something you are hoping to see that will improve our half court offense? The Clippers continue to embarrass themselves trying to steal the soul of the Raptors. They recently tweeted out a “what about scarves” joke. How do the Clips double down on this corniness and copy the Raptors even more egregiously? OG is talking about expanding his game. What should fans realistically expect from OG this year?

NBA: Designated players resting. How do we feel about it? What’s the most interesting part of the Russ/Wall Trade? Quickish Questions and more, with Sheldon Alexander and Adam Niebergall!

Episode 175: Off-Season Funhouse Edition: Jay Rosales & Antony Hall

The Raptors have headed to Tampa Bay for the 2020-2021 season and, hey, we’ve already got experience cheering from afar.

Raptors: Rondae Hustle Jefferson is out. Who is the new hustle king? What teams in the east are better than the Raptors? Tampa has now had the Jays AND the Raptors. What should the city of Tampa Bay gift to the city of Toronto?

NBA: What team is most likely to jump back into the playoffs after not being a playoff team? Who is a non-all star that you love to watch? Quickish Questions and more, with Jay Rosales and Antony Hall!

Episode 174: Off-Season Funhouse Edition: Katie Heindl & Cathryn Naiker

The Raptors locked down their most important free agent in Fred Van Vleet and we’re now under a month until next season begins!

Raptors: Bet on yourself. Let’s talk Fred. How are we feeling about this? Off to L.A., goodbye to Marc Gasol and Serge Ibaka. What are your favourite memories of these two champion giants while playing for the Raps? Baynes, Boucher, Len and Bembry. How do you feel like this changes the team?

NBA: Deal city! What is the best free-agent signing so far? Which is the worst? Quickish questions and more, with Katie Heindl and Cathyrn Naiker.

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Episode 173: Off-Season Funhouse Edition: Neema Nazeri & Alan Shane Lewis

Big week for the Raptors with the draft and free agency looming!

Raptors: Stanley Johnson picked up his option. Is the Stanimal the ultimate test for the Raptors’ development system? It looks like Phoenix is off the table as an option for Fred. What other teams (besides the Raptors) represent the biggest threat to signing Serge or Fred? With so much action going on in the NBA, you gotta wonder where Masai is at. Where should he be at?

NBA: So far, who is the single biggest winner of the off season? Which NBA team needs a complete rebrand? Quickish Questions and more, with Neema Nazeri and Alan Shane Lewis!

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Episode 172: Off-Season Funhouse Edition: Alison Hope & Daniel Reis

Looks like the NBA will return in just under six weeks, which means the draft and free agency begins soon!

RAPS: Where is your head at? FVV’s free agency, where the Raptors will play this year and Serge’s free agency. Where do these three pending events rank on your radar? Covid has been filled with outdoor hangs. Which Raptor are you hanging with outside and where? Last year Spicy P absolutely exploded. Which Raptor is set to have a break out year?

NBA: What team benefits the most from a shortened season? Trade rumours are starting to fly. Lots of noise from Brooklyn, New Orleans, G-state, Philly and Houston so far…What team is surprisingly quiet right now?

With Alison Hope and Daniel Reis.

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Episode 171: Off-Season Funhouse Edition: Yaw Attuah & Ian Gordon

From the Terence Davis arrest to the New Jersey Raptors to the ongoing Giannis chase, we got some basketball talk to sooth your post-election brains!

RAPS: Everyone wants to know what the punishment will be for Terence Davis. Here is what I want to know: How do male fans of basketball and the Raptors show better support for victims of abuse and that they care about creating a safer world for women? The New Jersey Raptors?! How’s that sitting? The Raptors are obviously going after Giannis. Who does he need around him if he’s gonna win it all?

NBA: Silver pressuring to get season going in December. Could the NBA really lose all kinds of money if they start in January? Philly Vs Brooklyn: Which team is more exciting?

With Yaw Attuah and Ian Gordon!

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Episode 170: Off-Season Funhouse Edition: Georgea Brooks & Randl Morales

The NBA looks like it’s returning sooner than later with a possible December 22nd start. Here’s hoping the NBA gets some improved VR fans for Christmas.

Raptors: With the Canadian border issue, cities are lining up to be the home away from home of our former champions. Where should the Raptors play? What kind of player should the Raptors draft? Looks like the NBA will be doing playoff-style series matchups during the regular season. Who are you most excited to play a few times in a row?

NBA: The season is back on the 22nd! What the hell! 72 games, no fans and baseball style series. What else should the NBA modify for this season? Who is the biggest name to switch teams before the new season starts via trade or free agency? Quickish Questions and more, with Georgea Brooks & Randl Morales!

Episode 169: Off-Season Funhouse Edition: Ned Petrie & Cathryn Naiker

We’re now officially back in the Off-Season Funhouse! We’ll keep filling the basketball void in your heart between now and the next season start.

Raps: Fred watch! Stein and Bontemps report that the Raptors are looking to keep Van Vleet under 80 mill for a max slot. Sound about right? Raptors assistant coach Nate Bjorkgren has been hired as Indiana’s new head coach. What Raptors lessons can he bring to the Pacers? Who knows what next season is going to be like. There’s speculation that we’ll play more games against our division. Which divisional rivals are we stoked about playing more?

NBA: What team should have the busiest off-season? COVID has been long and weird. Who have NBA fans forgotten about? Quickish questions!

With Ned Petrie and Cathryn Naiker.

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