Confederacy of Dunks

Episode 288 – An Era of Parity

This week, we’re talking about the current state of NBA parity, new coaches fitting on new teams, off-season questions and more.

Episode 287: Off-Season Funhouse

On this week’s pod, we’re talking about which teams will make a compelling finals, improving the draft lottery, making the Raptors more fun and former Raptors role players who we wish were on the team right now.

Episode 286: Off-Season Funhouse

On this off-season episode, first round upsets and takeaways, Dillon Brooks as the new villain, Masai’s hobbies and expectations for the next coach of the Raptors.

Off-Season Funhouse Episode 263: The Mid-Game Is Ours

This week we’re talking about preseason takeaways, filling out the bottom bench spots, Ballmer-like speeches and new teams in the finals.

Off-Season Funhouse Episode 262: Barnes at the 1 Would Be Fun

We’re talking about the biggest takeaways from Media Day, important questions for the Raptors organization, upcoming change to the transition take foul and who will probably slot into the Eastern Conference play-in.

Off-Season Funhouse Episode 261: Slighted and Activated

We discuss our beef with the Raptors on the CBS Top 100, Juancho turning heads for rotation minutes, which player needs their own theme park and which player is poised for a comeback season.

Off-Season Funhouse: Episode 260

On this episode we discuss training camp expectations, preseason team bonding ideas, the Robert Sarver situation, and the west to east shift in conference domination.

Off-Season Funhouse Episode 259: Svi You Later

Adon Moss and Antony Hall join Freddie this week to discuss the Raptors now complete off-season, in-arena story lines, the Mitchell trade and funky teams.

Off-Season Funhouse Episode 258: Rather Play on Boxing Day

With the schedule release, the Raptors are opening the season against Cleveland. Will Barnes and Mobley be a rivalry to watch grow?

Off-Season Funhouse Episode 257: Respect the Gym

Host Freddie Rivas breaks down the Rico runs highlights and jumps into mediation for Durant and Tsai.