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These are the off-season episodes we record after the winner is crowned, right up to the start of the next NBA season! All off-seasons are mixed into this one category, it’s mad!

Episode 169: Off-Season Funhouse Edition: Ned Petrie & Cathryn Naiker

We’re now officially back in the Off-Season Funhouse! We’ll keep filling the basketball void in your heart between now and the next season start.

Raps: Fred watch! Stein and Bontemps report that the Raptors are looking to keep Van Vleet under 80 mill for a max slot. Sound about right? Raptors assistant coach Nate Bjorkgren has been hired as Indiana’s new head coach. What Raptors lessons can he bring to the Pacers? Who knows what next season is going to be like. There’s speculation that we’ll play more games against our division. Which divisional rivals are we stoked about playing more?

NBA: What team should have the busiest off-season? COVID has been long and weird. Who have NBA fans forgotten about? Quickish questions!

With Ned Petrie and Cathryn Naiker.

As we talked about mid-show, make sure to check out the Dunk Town podcast at or listen on your fav podcatcher!

Episode 123: Simon Ho, Adam Christie & Derick Deonarain

Our last off-season episode of the summer is here, which means the NBA season begins next week and season 07 of Confederacy of Dunks premieres!

China controversy is heating up some more now that LeBron gave his two cents. Lowry’s extension, pre-season wrap up, award predictions, expectations and more!

Special guests on this pod: Spirit of York’s Simon Ho, Sirius XM’s Top Comic Winner Adam Christie, and CBC’s Derick Deonarain!

Episode 122: Yaw Attuah & Roger Bainbridge

We’re just under three weeks from banner night!

Raps: Year of the Spice. What’s the best way to use/develop Pascal this year? Media day mood. Everyone is pissed. Are you? What should people expect of OG?

NBA: Western conference teams that will definitely not make the playoffs, Top 3 MVP’s, potential sleeper narratives, Quickish Questions and more!

Special guests: Comedians Yaw Attuah and Roger Bainbridge!

Episode 120: Antony Hall & Cathryn Naiker

It’s that time of year again. Sports Illustrated has released their top 100 NBA’ers and we of course have some feelings about how our Raptors have made the list (or didn’t make the list! Shoutout to FVV). What was Masai’s worst move as GM/President? Why won’t Danny Green leave Canada and go home to L.A.?

NBA: Team USA loses to France. Durant is ripping some hot quotes again. We also look at the SI 100 and pick players who should be rated higher and lower, Quickish Questions and more!

Special guests on this episode: Antony Hall and Cathryn Naiker!

Episode 118: Katie Heindl & Ian Gordon

We’re still a couple months away from tip-off but we still got lots of off-season talk to get to!

RAPS: Who is this year’s Siakam? Is Freddie a moron for not hating Wiggins? After winning a championship, are we more excited or less excited about next season?

NBA: Boogie, Howard, Gortat, Noah and Mo Speights– We’ve got some thoughts! We rank the East from 1 to 15. Is hustle/intensity quantifiable in anyway, or just weird and anecdotal? Quickish Questions and more fun with special guests Katie Heindl and Ian Gordon!

Episode 117: Chris Dart & Kevin Dowse

Recording from Toronto’s up-and-coming West Bend neighbourhood, we’ve got a hot new ep with some great off-season talk!

Raps: Lowry wants to stay long term, do we keep him? Raptors get respect in the schedule– We pick our #1 hot ticket game. Does the fan base have anyone to boo? Assuming Kawhi and Danny get a ton of love, who will fans determine to be public enemy #1?

NBA: What’s going on with all the Canadian players not playing in the FIBA tournament? Top 3 unrestricted free agent next summer? Know Your Bad Teams QUIZ, Quickish Questions and lots more!

Special guests on this episode: Chris Dart and Kevin Dowse!

Episode 116: Cathryn Naiker, Ned Petrie & Antony Hall

Freddie’s back from JFL and he’s all torn up and ready to talk some Raps! We bring you a slightly janky time with all the good talking points.

Raps: Vince Carter coming back to the Raptors? Who’s the 9th/10th man in the rotation gonna be? Who is the least favourite Raptor of all time?

NBA: Who is the MVP? Who is a good candidate to be a breakout player? Is anything wrong with the player empowerment movement?

Special guests on this episode: Cathryn Naiker, Ned Petrie and Antony Hall!

Episode 115: Brendan Halloran & Paul Beer

Been a wild, wild free-agency period so far!

RAPS: We rank our summer league players in terms of impact (Boucher, Davis, Hernandez, Lloyd, Miller). TIME IS FLYING! We are a month from the championship and 2 weeks from Kawhi/Danny leaving. What is the current reputation of the franchise? We talk hypothetical trades for the Raptors to go back-to-back!

NBA: Who won the Russ/CP3 trade? Who are the five best duos in the NBA? With Golden State gone, what will be the dominate style of basketball in the NBA? Quickish Questions, blown intros, lots more!

With special guests: Brendan Halloran and Paul Beer!

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