Confederacy of Dunks

Episode 9.249: All-Times at 6’9″

Who are the best 6’9″ers to ever play for the Raptors? And what Canadian TV show is Nick Nurse hitting next?

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Episode 9.248: Learning to Ease the Rookie Pressure

A new OG Anunoby trade rumour means the media pressure is heating up for on our rookie of the year.

Episode 9.247: Let’s Get Wildly Unrealistic For a Moment

Rumours involving the Raptors are almost always in direct conflict with how Masai operates, but it’s hard to ignore the different trade scenarios.

Episode 9.246: That 2013-14 Feeling

We may be entering a new era, but we’ve been around long enough to recognize when we’ve felt like this before.

Episode 9.245: Who to Add to the Core

The Raptors have never been good at enticing free agents, but maybe they can find someone who can fit just right.

Episode 9.244: Masai’s Patience Trumps All

We might not have beat Philly, but we kind of proved Shaq wrong. It’s the small wins sometimes.

Episode 9.243: Smells Like Team Spirit

The Raptors are looking to make NBA history and somehow it doesn’t feel impossible.

Episode 9.242: Looking For Inspiration

This week, we break down how the Raptors need to impose themselves on the Sixers to take game three.

Epsiode 9.241: In With the New

We’re the new pod on the block! A new era for Confederacy of Dunks has begun.