Confederacy of Dunks

Off-Season Funhouse: Episode 260

On this episode we discuss training camp expectations, preseason team bonding ideas, the Robert Sarver situation, and the west to east shift in conference domination.

Off-Season Funhouse Episode 259: Svi You Later

Adon Moss and Antony Hall join Freddie this week to discuss the Raptors now complete off-season, in-arena story lines, the Mitchell trade and funky teams.

Off-Season Funhouse Episode 258: Rather Play on Boxing Day

With the schedule release, the Raptors are opening the season against Cleveland. Will Barnes and Mobley be a rivalry to watch grow?

Off-Season Funhouse Episode 257: Respect the Gym

Host Freddie Rivas breaks down the Rico runs highlights and jumps into mediation for Durant and Tsai.

Off-Season Funhouse Episode 256: Pop the Cork

Which starters for the Raptors are going to average more points next season, and which will average less?

Off-Season Funhouse Episode 255: Tiers of Joy

Are the Raptors gonna be a top-tier team in the east next season? Is it time for Precious to get some game starts?

Off-Season Funhouse Episode 254: Tall Trade Ammo

With the Durant talk continuing on, which Raptors are getting overvalued and undervalued?

Off-Season Funhouse Episode 253: Navigating the Gong Show

With all the increased media attention because of Durant, how are the Raptors being discussed?

Off-Season Funhouse Episode 252: Gauging That Win-Now Mentality

June 29, 2022

Would we get back to contender status immediately with Durant, or do we climb back there organically with Barnes?

Episode 9.251: Drafting Masai’s First Love

As we wrap up season 09, we reminisce about memorable drafts and pick which Raptor needs to have a big summer charity event.