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Episode 8.187: Cathryn Naiker & Ryan Henry

Raptors might be 16-17 right now, but they have had some huge wins, are in a playoff spot and are heading in the right direction, which means cue the trade rumours!

RAPTORS: Trade Kyle reports never stop. Is there a potential Lowry trade that could possibly work or is this just completely ridiculous? Coach Nurse has been amazing. We talk about what Nurse has done to impress us the most this season besides his wild court-side attire. Yuta getting crowned, Baynes with the self-block… just a couple moments to be added to the Hall of Shame this year. Are there any others?

NBA: All-Star Game. We talk SNUBS in the East and West, Freddie and Matty D talk the Terence Davis charge dismissals off the top, and there might even be a wild Thing reference as well. And as always Quickish Questions!

Guests joining us this week: Cathryn Naiker and Ryan Henry!

Episode 8.186: Jordan Foisy & Alan Shane Lewis

They lose to the worst team one night and beat a contender the next. Welcome to the yo-yo Raptors season! They’re now 13-15 and still aching to get back over .500.

RAPTORS: Biggest loss of the year followed by the biggest win of the year. If Raptors fans want a constant, a piece of land to look at while the waters are rocky, what should they do? What’s our thru-line, if any? We finally went small and it was very successful. Should we be angry that Nurse took forever to get to this lineup or are we too high on the Bucks win? Let’s talk Drummond! Do we need what he has and is it worth trying to trade for? Trade Kyle Lowry…?! Host Freddie Rivas will tell you why that must never happen.

NBA: Griffin and Drummond are both being sat while they wait for their team to trade them. Draymond Green called out the double standard of franchise behaviour VS player behaviour. Is he right? Who the hell is the MVP?

Quickish Questions, Pizza Corner and more, with 22 Minutes writer Jordan Foisy and The Great Canadian Baking Show’s Alan Shane Lewis!

Episode 8.185: Alison Hope & Franco Nguyen

Raptors are crawling back to .500 with an 11-13 record and the Trade Lowry rumours are starting to fly again!

RAPTORS: What a performance from JV! What former Raptor, of any era, would you like to see on this current team? Lowry trade rumours are back. How should he end his career? Raptors are two games under .500. How long till they get back to .500 or will it even happen this season?

NBA: Which team is currently the absolute worst? All-Star game coming up in a bit. Who is a deserving first-time All-Star?

Quickish Questions and more with Franco Nguyen from the hit CBC show TallBoyz and Alison Hope from the hit podcast Raptor Queens!

Episode 8.184: Matt McCready & Cathryn Naiker

If Studio 54 were still around, they’d rename it after Fred Van Vleet! Raptors are now one game out of the playoffs with a 9-12 record.

RAPTORS: Fred Van Vleet is the first undrafted player to do anything you can think of! We talk FVV’s big game where he scored a record 54 points for undrafted players. The Terence Davis situation doesn’t seem to be any closer to a conclusion than it was at the beginning of the season. How do we feel about the organization’s handling of it so far? The Raptors are 9th in the east with a 9-12 record. Which teams are the Raptors better than that are currently ahead of them in the standings?

NBA: Slow starts from the Heat, Pelicans and Mavericks… Who are you most surprised by? Who is the most underrated player in the NBA right now? Quickish Questions, Welsh stings and more!

With Matt McCready and Cathryn Naiker!

Episode 8.183: Dexter Arriola & Graham Kay

7-11 is supposed to be the place we go at 3 a.m. for a taquito and some pop, not the Raptors’ record after 18 games!

Raptors: Another Kylestone has been reached! 10,000 points for Lowry in a losing effort to the Bucks. Kyle talked about being happy to see younger teammates develop and to be a in the hunt for the playoffs. Is that what this season is about? Pascal Siakam is clearly struggling. Almost all of his numbers are down across the board. Where does his regression/poor play go from here? Quarter season mark. The raps are 7-11, 11th in the East, 14th on Offense, 15th on Defense and 14th in overall net rating….How can fans make sense of being an average team?

NBA: If a tree falls down in Salt Lake City, does anyone care? The Jazz have the best record in the NBA! Let’s unpack that. LeBron James is a gift. How do you approach the LBJ goat talk?

Special guests joining us: Dexter Arriola and Graham Kay!

Episode 8.182: Yaw Attuah & Ian Gordon

The Raps are on a three-game win streak and are slowly creeping back to .500 with a 5-8 record. Are they back or what?

Raptors: Boucher’s explosion continues. Where does he settle in? Stanley Johnson is doing what he needs to do for the most part. You feeling charmed by the Stanimal? The Dallas win was complete. Have they turned this thing around or are we stuck with some “trade Kyle” talk for the rest of the season?

NBA: Big lights in Brooklyn. Harden, Durant and Irving are the new Big Three. Are they the team to beat? Who in the NBA is going to win MVP at this point?

Special guests: Yaw Attuah and Ian Gordon!

Episode 8.181: Georgea Brooks & Andre De Pape

The Raptors just lost two back-to-backs by one devastating point and now sit at 2-8 on the season. It looks bad, but we think they’re trending in the right direction.

Raptors: Why can’t we close games out? Pascal’s return to form and Boucher’s elite play is getting us super close, but the margin of error still seems thin. What’s that third internal improvement we need right now? Nurse has admitted to trusting Kyle, FVV, OG, Pascal, Norm and Boucher. Who deserves to be lucky #7?

NBA: It’s hot seat season. Which coach will be fired for their teams poor start? The NBA is clearly playing with fire this time around, what with players sitting out because of COVID. As a fan, what does this viewing experience feel like for you?

Special guests on this pod are Georgea Brooks and Andre De Pape!

Episode 8.180: Alan Shane Lewis & Katie Heindl

The start of the season for the Raptors has been a bit of a barf fest with their 1-6 record, but there may be some positives that are starting to come to light.

Raptors: Signs of life in Phoenix? Is Pascal “back”? Should we look at it that way? Our bench is a new disaster every game. Who deserves regular playing time and why isn’t Nurse giving it to them? Baynes has been bad. Len isn’t very good and Boucher is doing all he can do. Nurse is openly complaining about his roster’s size. Is this is an emergency scenario for Bobby and Masai?

NBA: Who is the surprisingly good team so far this season? How might the NBA improve the in-game experience? Quickish Questions and more.

With Alan Shane Lewis and Katie Heindl!

Episode 8.179: Cathryn Naiker & Ned Petrie

The Raptors are off to their worst start in 15 years with an 0-3 record, but we’re not quite ready to panic yet.

Raptors: 0-3 is rough, though. What needs fixing? What or who is looking good so far? What kind of realistic or outlandish move do the Raptors need to make?

NBA: The Magic and Hawks are undefeated and the Raps are winless. What’s been the biggest surprise for you so far in the short NBA season? What is the single best play you have seen so far this season in any game? Quickish Questions? Of course.

Special guests on the pod: Cathryn Naiker & Ned Petrie!

Happy New Year from Freddie and Matty D!

Episode 8.178: Season 08 Premiere w/ Joshua Elijah & Ryan Henry

The NBA season is back again! We’re coming in hot with our season 08 premiere for ya.

Raptors: OG Anunoby got paid. What do you think of 18 million a year and how big of a steal is it? Giannis Antetokounmpo, Paul George and Rudy Gobert are all off of the 2021 free agency. How are you feeling about the core of FVV/Norm/OG/Spicy going forward?

NBA: It’s prediction time again! Freddie picks his projected final standings for the East and the West and the guests weigh in! Quickish Questions and more.

With special guests Joshua Elijah and Ryan Henry!

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