Confederacy of Dunks

Episode 10.276: Masai Loves a Freak

On this episode, we talk about a potential Gary for Poeltl trade, long term conclusions about the core, court-side tirades and trade predictions.

Episode 10.275: Seeing the Good in the Bad

Lots of positives to take from this up-and-down season, but is it time for us to accept that Vision 6’9″ might be a failure?

Episode 10.274: We’re Going Streaking

This week we’re talking about how the pressure is on for Bobby and Masai, take a stroll down the memory lane of dark Raptor moments, tunnel dances, redemption players and AI responses.

Episode 10.273: Panic at the Three Throw

The panic is starting to set in. Raptors fans are looking for optimism, and possibly a season-shifting trade.

Episode 10.272: Can’t Find a Rhythm

This week we’re talking about Fred VanVleet’s struggles, the team’s overall lack of momentum and how to gain it, post-game celebrations and teams that should avoid blowing it up.

Episode 10.271: A Reformat of a Role Player

This week we’re talking about Boucher’s consistency, the return of Pascal, alternative revenue streams for the league and quarter-mark evaluations.

Episode 10.270: Non-Injury Worries to Ponder

With so many injuries, we need to see what the bench is made of. Plus, we’ve got what needs to be added to Herbie Kuhn’s in-game announcements.

Episode 10.269: Early Season Injury Grind

Who’s stepping up amid all the injuries and who has been underwhelming? Is the team’s aggressive defense leading to more injuries and fatigue?

Episode 10.268: Projecting a November Without Siakam

These week we’re talking about expectations with Siakam out, surprising dynamics coming out of the rotation, which celebs need to buy a team and which team having a slow start will rebound.

Episode 10.267: Hot From Three

Wrapping up the positives from a decent October, judging player costumes and what is next for the Brooklyn Nets tire fire!