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Episode 214: Off-Season Funhouse Edition: Alexey Ots & Cathryn Naiker

Masai saying it’s gonna be a rough season, Kyle wanted to finish the year, and the Elam Ending might weasel it’s way into the league long term!

RAPTORS: What is the best Goran Dragic outcome for Raptors fans? Lowry said that he declined a trade at the deadline and chose to stay with the Raptors, even if it was just to watch. Is that surprising?

NBA: The Elam Ending is kind of cool, maybe will become a greater part of the league in some way. We come up with other changes to the playing format that might be fun! Which NBA team looks like they’re the worst heading into the new season? Quickish Questions and more!

With guests Alexey Ots and Cathryn Naiker!

Episode 213: Off-Season Funhouse Edition: Your Boy Brian & Georgea Brooks

Talking new vibes, tats, big 3’s and what to do with Ben Simmons!

RAPTORS: New era for the team. Rosters aren’t finalized yet, but Raptors are looking like one of the most international teams in the NBA. Is this Masai’s plan or happy coincidence? Team is bringing in Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk to training camp as they are clearly looking for some shooting help. How big of an issue is shooting going to be for this team? Danny Green just got an awesome Raptors tattoo. Which Raptor needs a new tattoo and what would it be?

NBA: Between Nets and Lakers, who has the better big 3? What’s going to happen with Ben Simmons? Quickish Questions? Of course.

With Your Boy Brian and Georgea Brooks.

Episode 212: Off-Season Funhouse Edition: Sheldon Alexander & Antony Hall

We’re back from our week off, Summer League is over and we’re starting to worm our way towards the start of the season.

RAPTORS: Summer League thoughts. How are we feeling about the debut of Scottie Barnes? Did anyone else stand out? There’s a lot of chatter about how this year is gonna be OG’s big breakout. Are there any other players that might be a better breakout candidate? It has been set for the Raptors to return to Scotiabank Arena this season! We give our own ideas on what the opening-day festivities should look like!

NBA: Who is the best point guard in the league? Which team is going to have the worst change in their regular season record, good or bad?

Quickish Questions and more, with Sheldon Alexander and Antony Hall!

Episode 211: Off-Season Funhouse Edition: Kyle Lowry Tribute

What can you say about Kyle Lowry and what he means to Toronto? Some would say he first arrived to an impossible situation, playing for the NBA’s only Canadian team, a franchise that no one ever took serious enough to include in potential contender talks.

That’s fair. We weren’t anywhere close to contention when he arrived. Fans were worn down by betting on Bargnani, watching Chris Bosh consistently marching to the finals each year with Miami, and DeRozan emerging as our heart and soul without any real parts around him. But then Kyle arrived.

Once this new team started making the playoffs, they never stopped. After some heartbreaking defeats at the hands of players like Paul Pierce and LeBron James and a devastatingly risky DeRozan/Kawhi trade, Kyle brought us a championship. What an amazing nine-year run.

This episode is dedicated to Kyle Lowry and contains some snippets from his journey here as well as some amazing insight from some of our amazing guests like Alan Shane Lewis, Derick Deonarain, Cathryn Naiker and Katie Heindl!

Thanks, Kyle. Time for a new era.

Episode 210: Off-Season Funhouse Edition: Ben Davies & John Rallis

Well, the day has finally come: Kyle Lowry is no longer a Toronto Raptor. What a ride. Thank you, Kyle. Special episode coming up soon dedicated to the GROAT!

RAPTORS: How are we feeling about Kyle’s exit? When the team was in Tampa, management created a VR Toronto Experience Room for players to get to know this city. What would your VR experience be if you could design one? Scottie Barnes over Suggs? We got some hot draft takes!

NBA: Free agency hot takes, who’s going to the finals this year, Quickish Questions and more. With Ben Davies and John Rallis!

Episode 209: Off-Season Funhouse Edition: Matt McCready & Cathryn Naiker

After weeks of speculation on what happens or who the Raptors take in the draft, we’re going to find out on Thursday, so let’s speculate a little more!

Raptors: What is the best possible outcome for this team? We qualified Gary Trent Jr which makes sense, but we keep qualifying Nando just in case he comes back to the NBA. What former Raptor is there that you just can’t let go of, and what type of gesture would you do to make them stay?

NBA: The off-season has begun. Our old pal, JV, has been traded to the Pelicans. Is there a fit with Zion or is this too many big cooks in the kitchen? Which franchise is the best at drafting? Quickish Questions and more fun with Matt McCready and Cathryn Naiker!

Episode 8.208: Season Finale w/ Nick Reynoldson & Derick Deonarain

The Milwaukee Bucks are NBA Champions, which means we’ve made it to the end of season eight!

RAPTORS: One week till the NBA draft. Where is your head at if you’re Raptors management? The teasing and unveiling of the Raptors NFT was pretty lame. We think of some other lame things we’d like to make the fans celebrate.

NBA: Giannis is a champ! Also a 2x MVP, Finals MVP and had one of the best close-out games in history. Are people done talking shit about him? People are saying the Bucks win is good for small markets and for the league. Is that the right take?

Quickish Questions and more, with Nick Reynoldson and Derick Deonarain!

Thanks for listening to season eight! We’ll continue on with our Off-Season Funhouse episodes until season nine starts in October.

Episode 8.207: Matt Henry & Jay Rosales

The Suns are still up 2-1, but the Bucks seem destined to at least tie this thing up.

RAPTORS: As the draft approaches, Raptor trade rumours are starting to swirl. Is there any trade that we should hope for? The team just hired a new assistant coach. What if the Raptors hired a celebrity coach? Who would that be? (Fun Segment alert)

NBA: The Finals are 2-1 at the time of this recording. Besides CP3, who deserves a championship ring? The NBA is a copycat league. What qualities might teams want to emulate from these Bucks and Suns teams?

Quickish Questions and more, with Matt Henry and Jay Rosales!

Episode 8.206: Georgea Brooks & Yaw Attuah

It’s Finals time! Chris Paul and the Suns and Giannis and the Bucks, here we go!

RAPTORS: Jalen Harris has been suspended for a year for violating the NBA’s drug policy. Of course we will learn more, but how is this the solution and how bad do you feel for Harris? All of the attention is on the Siakam/Warriors and of course Masai and Kyle’s status. What else are you thinking about right now as a Raptors fan?

NBA: Team Canada! Wow! What a game, what a tournament and what a heartbreak. Thoughts? What do you think will be the definitive narrative of this Suns/Bucks Finals? Quickish Questions and more! With Georgea Brooks and Yaw Attuah.

Episode 8.205: Katie Heindl & Cathryn Naiker

NBA is making its way through the conference finals and the time has come where something should be happening with the future of Masai! What will it be?

Raptors: Raptors rumours! Hollinger has done his best to shake up the fan base! Are the Raptors in need of a course correction and should they use the draft to do it? Eye on Masai! This podcast will air on the date his contract expires. What is next for Masai?

NBA: FIBA is back! Do you care? What’s one element of international basketball you would like to see cross over to the NBA? Patrick Beverley mocking CP3 was a high level of disrespect! What’s another moment of on-court disrespect that comes to mind, that didn’t result in something actually bad?

Quickish Questions and more! With Katie Heindl and Cathryn Naiker!

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