Confederacy of Dunks

Episode 288 – An Era of Parity

This week, we’re talking about the current state of NBA parity, new coaches fitting on new teams, off-season questions and more.

Episode 287: Off-Season Funhouse

On this week’s pod, we’re talking about which teams will make a compelling finals, improving the draft lottery, making the Raptors more fun and former Raptors role players who we wish were on the team right now.

Episode 286: Off-Season Funhouse

On this off-season episode, first round upsets and takeaways, Dillon Brooks as the new villain, Masai’s hobbies and expectations for the next coach of the Raptors.

Episode 10.285: A Season We’d Love to Forget

On our season finale, we’re talking about potential playoff upsets, players who should ref, Raptors who should and shouldn’t be on the move, and slogans for this terrible Raptors season.

Episode 10.284: Time to Play

This week, we’re talking about what we want out of the play-in, if Nick Nurse quit on the team, how we’d make players care about the play-in and which playoff series we’re looking forward to the most.

Episode 10.283: Win and You’re In

On this episode, good and bad play-in match-ups, integrating Precious into the lineup, players in need of a fancy celebration and teams with the best five-year window.

Episode 10.282: Finding Another Gear

Talking Poeltl and finding another gear, Bingo play-in fun, and lots more.

Episode 10.281: The Foster Toss and Playoff Chances

On this episode, the egregious Foster toss, squad potential, which team needs a documentary this season and which team is the toughest.

Episode 10.280: Focus On What You Can Do

On this episode, we talk about the Barton signing, standing predictions for the Raptors and more expectations!

Episode 10.279: Ramping Up for an Exciting Final 20

On this episode, we talk about a potentially exciting last quarter of the season, which Raptor will have a strong finish to the season, All-Star Weekend changes and the current state of parity in the NBA.