Confederacy of Dunks is a basketball podcast that began in the early summer of 2014. Kevin Dowse and Freddie Rivas, both longtime friends and comedians, started recording the early parts of season one in a storage locker off of Bathurst and Adelaide.

In November of 2014, they brought on producer Matt Duncan to take the podcast recordings to a new level and have been recording in his home studio ever since.

We talk NBA hoops, players, coaches, personalities, contracts, fans, arenas – every little detail of NBA life. We are also hardcore Raptors fans. It’s a safe bet that you will hear us talk about the Raptors a fair bit. We also like jokes. It’s a safe bet that you will hear us make several of those.

At the conclusion of season five, Kevin decided to officially leave the show to finish law school, but he’ll always be a part of the Confederacy of Dunks family. He’ll return in the future for guest spots and writings!

Freddie has taken over full hosting duties and Matt has jumped in with more on-air producer contributions.

Freddie on twitter: @freddierivas

Matt on twitter:  @matt_duncs