Confederacy of Dunks

Episode 289

Birth of the Darko Period, VanVleet Hate and Nuggets Win It All

Joining us this week: He’s an actor and producer from shows like The Amazing Gayl Pile, it’s Brooks Gray, along with his sons Marc E Mann and Spency G from the Orangeball Juice Podcast!

(00:00) – Intro time, song and dance, all that

(04:48) – NBA: Major takeaways from the Nuggets winning their first ever title

(19:44) – NBA: How to make the NBA draft more entertaining

(32:57) – Raptors: Darko Rajaković is the new head coach! What is the initial reaction to this hiring?

(45:00) – Raptors: Fred VanVleet has turned down his player option and will become a unrestricted free agent. He gets a lot of hate from Raptors fans. Why is that?

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