Confederacy of Dunks

Episode 288:

An Era of Parity

Joining us this week: He’s a Raptors Republic writer and podcaster, it’s Adon Moss! She’s the new editor-in-chief of Raptors HQ, it’s Chelsea Leite!

Topics this week:

(00:00) – Intro!

(06:02) – NBA: With the Miami Heat set up to play the Denver Nuggets, this finals ties the longest stretch in a row with no back-to-back finals appearances (1974-1978 & 2019-2023). This is the era of parity. How does this series reflect that and how long will this era last?

(16:06) – NBA: What’s the best new coach fit so far? Griffin/Bucks, Nurse/76’ers or Udoka/Rockets?

(30:21) – RAPTORS: The Rogers Centre went through some cool renovations. What cool renovations does the Scotiabank Arena need, and will the court be wet?

(42:21) – RAPTORS: Biggest off-season questions!

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