Confederacy of Dunks

Episode 286

Villains and Upsets

Joining us today: He’s the co-host of The Great Canadian Baking Show, comedian Alan Shane Lewis! He writes for places like the Beaverton and TheLeafsNation, it’s comedian Filipe Dimas!

(00:00) – Intro: Pour one out for Nick Nurse.

(06:00) – NBA: Biggest takeaways from Round 01.

(20:24) – NBA: Dillon Brooks is the new face of NBA villains. Who could take the crown from him next year?

(32:54) – Raptors: Nick Nurse loved his music and guest-starring on Canadian TV. What does Masai get up to in his spare time?

(42:26) – Raptors: What are you hoping the next Raptors coach brings to the table?

(58:09) – Leafs: Bonus! What were you doing the last time the Leafs made the 2nd round?

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