Confederacy of Dunks

Episode 9.251

Drafting Masai's First Love

It’s our season 09 finale! Thanks to all of you who have been listening to us this year, rating us and commenting. We’re gonna continue on through the summer with our off-season episodes and season 10 will debut in October!

RAPTORS: The draft is on Thursday the 23rd. We take a look at the Raptors’ past drafts and what made them memorable. Vince Carter used to have a summer charity basketball game at the ACC and it was a scene. Which current Raptor should have a summer event and what would it be?

NBA: Lots of legacy talk for the Warriors and rightfully so: they won it all! What non-Warrior team or player that didn’t win it all has had their legacy effected the most from not winning a ring this year? We’ve had three finals in a row with completely different teams (Heat vs Lakers, Suns vs Bucks & Celtics vs Warriors). If this pattern continues, which two new teams will be playing in the 2023 NBA Finals?

Special guests from the Raptors Republic multiverse: The man they call Mac from Runnin’ Off The Screen and Cathryn Naiker from Buckets and Tea!