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Episode 9.248: Learning to Ease the Rookie Pressure

Episode 9.248

Learning to Ease the Rookie Pressure

A new trade rumour has popped up, this time with OG Anunoby, which means the media pressure on our rookie of the year is starting to heat up.

RAPTORS: It’s the summer, so here come the rumours about the Raptors trading good players again! Now it’s OG. Is there any logic to the idea that the Raptors need to clear a runway for Scottie? Who should they trade? Goofy summer segment alert: let’s rebrand the Raptors for no good reason. If MLSE put you in charge of a big change, what is their new team name/colours?

NBA: The Jimmy shot. Did you like it? What is another big “what if” moment from this years playoffs? The finals! Do either of these teams surprise you? Who is winning the championship this year, Boston or Golden State?

With special guests, Gary Rideout Jr. and Jay Rosales!