Confederacy of Dunks

Episode 9.247

Let’s Get Wildly Unrealistic For a Moment

Rumours involving the Raptors are almost always in direct conflict with how Masai operates, but it’s hard to ignore the different trade scenarios.

RAPTORS: Imagine that we are a team that can pull off a Kawhi trade without losing our most important pieces to get it done. Who is the big star that we’re bringing in? J-Cole will be playing basketball in the CEBL. What other celebrity would you like to see playing for the Raptors?

NBA: There are so many consistently lopsided victories in the playoffs. Why has this been happening so much? If every Canadian player was put on its own team and got to compete in the current season, how would that team fair?

With special guests Wesley Cheng and Darren Menezes!