Confederacy of Dunks

Episode 9.244

Masai’s Patience Trumps All

Well, unfortunately, history was not made by the Toronto Raptors this time. The future of team hasn’t shined this bright in years, though.

RAPTORS: Going back over the season, we ask the question: What was the favourite and least favourite thing about this squad? What should be the biggest front office takeaway from the playoffs this year?

NBA: Draymond Green did a podcast after his flagrant 2 in game 1. Some players have a podcast, but what other player needs to get on the podcatchers with some opinions? The league seems to be experiencing more parity than ever, but there wasn’t a single upset in round 1. What team has the best shot at a 2nd round upset?

Special guests on this episode: Zarar Siddiqi and Alan Shane Lewis!

Even though the Raps are out now, our season nine continues on throughout the playoffs, then we keep going with off-season episodes all summer! Our tenth season will start at the beginning of the 2022-23 season. Thanks for listening!