Confederacy of Dunks

Episode 9.241

In With the New

Welcome to the first episode of Confederacy of Dunks on Raptors Republic! We’re so excited to have joined this great team. We talk Raptors. We talk NBA. We’ve got weird stings.

We’re hoping you’ll like our mix of insight and goofiness. Here’s what we’re talking about this week:

RAPTORS: Are Raptors fans over-confident heading into the Philly series? What’s a good prediction for how this series might unfold? It looks like there is a very good chance that people dust off their 2019 merch and the Raps bandwagon gets reactivated. What message needs to be sent to these type of fans?

NBA: When the grass ain’t greener… What are some examples of this happening right now across the league? Out of the eight teams involved in the play-in tournament, who has the best chance to make a significant run, and why them?

Special guests on this episode: Ennis Esmer and Kevin Dowse!