Confederacy of Dunks

Episode 9.235

Matt McCready & Filipe Dimas

We’ve got the end of the Goran Dragic Saga, how the Raps finish the season, All-Star game changes and weird happenings over the All-Star Weekend!

RAPTORS: The Goran Dragic saga is over with a heel turn to the Brooklyn Nets. Is Goran in villain territory for Raptors fans? Who is your top Raptors villain? The Raptors are 5 up of .500 and headed into the stretch run. With 25 games remaining, how are they finishing up this season?

NBA: The All-Star Weekend was a hot mess. What Saturday night event needs to be reworked? What was the weirdest thing that happened over the All-Star Weekend?

With Filipe Dimas and Matt McCready!