Confederacy of Dunks

Episode 9.229

Jonathan Yam & Ian Gordon

Raptors are turning heads, Devin Booker is shaming the Raptor, Klay is back and shocking losing teams!

Raptors: Lowe is starting to get excited by the freaky-long Raptors. Is the Masai/Bobby gamble to not have a traditional centre working? Devin Booker couldn’t handle The Raptor mascot distracting him. Hopefully the Raptors fight this injustice and double down on distracting players from now on. What are some good ideas to distract players while they take free throws?

NBA: Klay Thompson is back and it was really nice. What’s another heartfelt return (doesn’t have to be in sports) that comes to mind? What’s the most shocking team with a losing record?

With Jonathan Yam and Ian Gordon!