Confederacy of Dunks

Episode 9.227: Jay Rosales & Rob Mailloux

Last ep of ’21! We talking the Cleveland game, Yuta stuck in a hotel for Christmas, best of the Christmas Day games and some realistic trades that need to happen!

RAPTORS: The Cleveland game was insane to watch. Beside it being a spectacular mess, what did you take away from the Raptors hardship game? Yuta Watanabe had to spend his Christmas in a Cleveland hotel ( or was it Chicago?). We find ways for him to pass the time.

NBA: The Christmas Day games. Which game was the best? Did you even watch it? What’s a realistic trade that needs to happen as we slide into 2022?

With Jay Rosales & Rob Mailloux!

Happy New Year, everybody! See you in ’22. (next week)