Confederacy of Dunks

Episode 8.205: Katie Heindl & Cathryn Naiker

NBA is making its way through the conference finals and the time has come where something should be happening with the future of Masai! What will it be?

Raptors: Raptors rumours! Hollinger has done his best to shake up the fan base! Are the Raptors in need of a course correction and should they use the draft to do it? Eye on Masai! This podcast will air on the date his contract expires. What is next for Masai?

NBA: FIBA is back! Do you care? What’s one element of international basketball you would like to see cross over to the NBA? Patrick Beverley mocking CP3 was a high level of disrespect! What’s another moment of on-court disrespect that comes to mind, that didn’t result in something actually bad?

Quickish Questions and more! With Katie Heindl and Cathryn Naiker!