Confederacy of Dunks

Episode 8.204: Kevin Dowse & Alex Wood

The Raptors moved up to 4th at the draft lottery, which was nice karma after playing 72 away games this season!

RAPTORS: Last time the Raptors drafted 4th, they took Chris Bosh. A hard act to follow, but who should the team go for in this top-heavy draft? Some might say the draft lottery is rigged. We get outrageous with some other NBA conspiracies! The first time we got a 4th overall pick, we ended up trading the drafted Jamison for Vince Carter immediately. If they don’t use the pick, what should they do with it?

NBA: Which player’s reputation has increased or decreased the most in these playoffs? The teams that were “supposed” to trade for Kyle Lowry are now all out of the playoffs. Of the 26 teams no longer in contention to win, which team has the most regrets and what exactly should they be regretful of?

Quickish Questions and more, with Kevin Dowse and Alex Wood.

Relating to what we talked about during the intro and end of the episode, please click the link to go to the Encampment Support Network to donate and contribute to helping our fellow unhoused citizens facing unjust encampment evictions.