Confederacy of Dunks

Episode 8.203: Randl Morales & Jay Rosales

The second round of the playoffs is almost over but injury concerns have taken centre stage!

Raptors: Sergio is out as assistant coach, Masai future still undetermined and Siakam just had shoulder surgery that’ll keep him out till November. Is the team in disarray or is this regular off-season stuff? With the draft lottery coming up soon, we’ll know where the Raptors are picking. Some potential players entering draft have some weird team workout requests. We talk about what ours would be! We won’t know what happens with Lowry, Gary Trent Jr. or free agents for a bit, but what players we do have will develop the most for next season?

NBA: Injuries to stars have hit record numbers and LeBron is getting vocal about it. How are we feeling about the injuries piling up these playoffs and how is it affecting our fan enjoyment? Is Kevin Durant the best player in the world?

Quickish Questions and more, with Randl Morales and Jay Rosales!