Confederacy of Dunks

Episode 8.196: Antony Hall & Ryan Henry

With ten games to go in the season, the Raptors are pushing hard to make the play-in tournament, but are they running out of time?

RAPTORS: There’s 10 games to go and they’re 10 games below (.500). They’re set to play some top teams in the next four games like the Clippers and the Jazz. Could this stretch be the final nail in their playoff coffin? Gillespie got a two-year contract and Birch has been doing good things. How nice is it to see our new bigs having an impact and who is benefiting most? Freddie G and Flynn recently had to sing “Party in the USA” in front of the team. We do a fun segment where we pick a song and a Raptor to sing it!

NBA: The Utah Jazz and Phoenix Suns have done very well this year. What’s more likely for these teams: Going to the finals or being upset in the first round? Who is the Coach of the Year at this point? Quickish Questions and more!

With Antony Hall and Ryan Henry.