Confederacy of Dunks

Episode 8.183: Dexter Arriola & Graham Kay

7-11 is supposed to be the place we go at 3 a.m. for a taquito and some pop, not the Raptors’ record after 18 games!

Raptors: Another Kylestone has been reached! 10,000 points for Lowry in a losing effort to the Bucks. Kyle talked about being happy to see younger teammates develop and to be a in the hunt for the playoffs. Is that what this season is about? Pascal Siakam is clearly struggling. Almost all of his numbers are down across the board. Where does his regression/poor play go from here? Quarter season mark. The raps are 7-11, 11th in the East, 14th on Offense, 15th on Defense and 14th in overall net rating….How can fans make sense of being an average team?

NBA: If a tree falls down in Salt Lake City, does anyone care? The Jazz have the best record in the NBA! Let’s unpack that. LeBron James is a gift. How do you approach the LBJ goat talk?

Special guests joining us: Dexter Arriola and Graham Kay!