Confederacy of Dunks

Episode 8.180: Alan Shane Lewis & Katie Heindl

The start of the season for the Raptors has been a bit of a barf fest with their 1-6 record, but there may be some positives that are starting to come to light.

Raptors: Signs of life in Phoenix? Is Pascal “back”? Should we look at it that way? Our bench is a new disaster every game. Who deserves regular playing time and why isn’t Nurse giving it to them? Baynes has been bad. Len isn’t very good and Boucher is doing all he can do. Nurse is openly complaining about his roster’s size. Is this is an emergency scenario for Bobby and Masai?

NBA: Who is the surprisingly good team so far this season? How might the NBA improve the in-game experience? Quickish Questions and more.

With Alan Shane Lewis and Katie Heindl!