Confederacy of Dunks

Episode 171: Off-Season Funhouse Edition: Yaw Attuah & Ian Gordon

From the Terence Davis arrest to the New Jersey Raptors to the ongoing Giannis chase, we got some basketball talk to sooth your post-election brains!

RAPS: Everyone wants to know what the punishment will be for Terence Davis. Here is what I want to know: How do male fans of basketball and the Raptors show better support for victims of abuse and that they care about creating a safer world for women? The New Jersey Raptors?! How’s that sitting? The Raptors are obviously going after Giannis. Who does he need around him if he’s gonna win it all?

NBA: Silver pressuring to get season going in December. Could the NBA really lose all kinds of money if they start in January? Philly Vs Brooklyn: Which team is more exciting?

With Yaw Attuah and Ian Gordon!

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