Confederacy of Dunks

Episode 170: Off-Season Funhouse Edition: Georgea Brooks & Randl Morales

The NBA looks like it’s returning sooner than later with a possible December 22nd start. Here’s hoping the NBA gets some improved VR fans for Christmas.

Raptors: With the Canadian border issue, cities are lining up to be the home away from home of our former champions. Where should the Raptors play? What kind of player should the Raptors draft? Looks like the NBA will be doing playoff-style series matchups during the regular season. Who are you most excited to play a few times in a row?

NBA: The season is back on the 22nd! What the hell! 72 games, no fans and baseball style series. What else should the NBA modify for this season? Who is the biggest name to switch teams before the new season starts via trade or free agency? Quickish Questions and more, with Georgea Brooks & Randl Morales!