Confederacy of Dunks

Episode 169: Off-Season Funhouse Edition: Ned Petrie & Cathryn Naiker

We’re now officially back in the Off-Season Funhouse! We’ll keep filling the basketball void in your heart between now and the next season start.

Raps: Fred watch! Stein and Bontemps report that the Raptors are looking to keep Van Vleet under 80 mill for a max slot. Sound about right? Raptors assistant coach Nate Bjorkgren has been hired as Indiana’s new head coach. What Raptors lessons can he bring to the Pacers? Who knows what next season is going to be like. There’s speculation that we’ll play more games against our division. Which divisional rivals are we stoked about playing more?

NBA: What team should have the busiest off-season? COVID has been long and weird. Who have NBA fans forgotten about? Quickish questions!

With Ned Petrie and Cathryn Naiker.

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