Confederacy of Dunks

Episode 7.167: Adam Christie & Antony Hall

Lakers are up 3-1, which means the playoffs are almost over, which means our season 07 finale is next week! But first, let’s take your favourite Raptor to a Toronto park for day.

Raps: Nurse was on the Lowe Post with Windhorst and talked about taking individual players out with zones. Is the Pascal era of Toronto going to be a defensive one? Pick one Raptor to take to one of Ontario’s beautiful parks this winter. Who do you take and where do you go? Is Tyler Herro better than Norm Powell, Terrence Davis and Matt Thomas?

NBA: Outside of Jimmy, James and AD, who’s had the best Finals so far?
How does a 4th ring impact LBJ’s legacy? How do the Heat come back and win this thing? Quickish Questions and more!

With Adam Christie & Antony Hall.

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