Confederacy of Dunks

Episode 7.165: Matthew G Brown & Cathryn Naiker

The Raptors have to lock in some big players like Fred and OG, but the real relief will come with a Masai extension.

The off-season is the conversation for Raptors fans right now. How concerned should Masai and company be with future money like retaining Van Vleet long term and giving OG an extension? What is the appropriate response to a journalist like Steve Simmons asking Masai a racist question? Should his access be revoked and do you think MLSE will make a statement? The other guys: Boucher, Miller and Rondae. Should the Raptors sign these guys on the cheap or try to upgrade elsewhere?

NBA: We make predictions on both of the remaining series (Celtics/Heat and Lakers/Nuggets). What is the best Finals storyline? Quickish Questions and more!

With Cathryn Naiker and Matthew G Brown!