Confederacy of Dunks

Episode 7.164: Ennis Esmer & Alex Wood

After a wild and stressful series, the Raptors were eliminated by Boston in seven games. But there’s lots to grateful for this season and lots to look forward to.

Raptors: What was the single best thing about the 2019/2020 season for the squad? Hinsight! We get a redo. What needed to be different for the Raptors to beat the Celtics? The future! We locked up Coach Nurse and that’s wonderful. With some of our big guys like Van Vleet, Gasol and Ibaka about to enter free agency, what do you want the Raptors to look like next year?

NBA: The Nuggets shocked the world. Are you shocked and what does this do to Kawhi’s legacy? Bam got a big block and the Western Conference Finals has no shortage of giants. Is this year’s finals Big Ball vs Small Ball? Quickish questions and more!

Special guests joining us this week: Ennis Esmer and Alex Wood!