Confederacy of Dunks

Episode 7.158 – Cathryn Naiker & Dan Galea

We’re back, we’re healthy, we’re incredible. Raptors record sits at 48-18 after two impressive wins against the Lakers and Heat.

RAPS: Fred looking like Steph, Kyle is a legend and OG just shut down LBJ and Bam back to back. Of greatest concern, Siakam looking tentative at times or our deep bench looking a little shaky? The playoffs are going to come fast. What are you thinking when you look at the standings? 

NBA:  Just wild basketball all over the place. What’s the most exciting thing you have watched since the games started counting?  The court + game play. Good, bad, ugly, all of the above? Favourite BLM sentiments in the bubble so far?

With Cathryn Naiker and Dan Galea!