Confederacy of Dunks

Episode 7.156: Daniel Reis & Miguel Rivas

Basketball is back!! Our first glimpse of the bubbled games has begun. It’s exciting but also super weird and strange…

Raptors: Is Perkins puffing up Pascal? Let’s see if we can name 10 players that are for sure better than Spicy in the 2019 season. What are you hoping to see from the Raptors/Rockets scrimmage? The entire team is healthy! Everyone will get to play in the lead-up to the playoffs. Who has the most potential to increase their pre-pandemic role on the team?

NBA: So many guys out for various reasons and various lengths! Which team has had the most significant loss so far in the bubble? We pick our all-NBA teams, Quickish Questions and more! Special guests on the pod: Daniel Reis and Miguel Rivas!