Confederacy of Dunks

Episode 151: Cathryn Naiker & Alan Shane Lewis

The NBA is on track to return soon so it’s time to get back to some current basketball!

Raps: This pandemic only slowed us down. There are many different scenarios and variables at play, but most have the Raptors playing the Nets or the Grizzlies. Preference? Which Raptor will play the best coming out of the pandemic break? Who will play the worst?

FREDDIE’s 2K Fantasy: We’ve got more updates on Freddie’s 2K guy and, uh-oh, the Toronto Sun sent their top reporters again to drop some questions.

NBA: Play in or play on or group stage? What is the best way for the NBA to re-create home-court advantage?

Matt’s Draft from the Past takes us back to a time when a special meeting happened in Calcutta, also Critters came out. Quickish Questions! With Cathryn Naiker and Alan Shane Lewis.