Confederacy of Dunks

Episode 7.149: Antony Hall & Thomas Rivas

Episodes 07 and 08 of The Last Dance aired and we’ll continue to relate our content to the doc!

Time stopped when they asked Cartwright if MJ is a nice guy. The answer is no and it was cringeworthy. What is the best musical sting to edit into that pregnant pause?

We all know Michael has final say on this doc. Who is the biggest omission from the doc so far?

Matt’s Draft from the Past! A time when the World Wide Web, Doom and probably the most popular stuffed animals were introduced to the world.

He was mean to Scott, he made Steve Kerr punch him and he basically admitted to bullying teammates he felt couldn’t cut it. Is MJ a good leader? Is there a better way to lead?

Freddie’s 2K player highlights and the press keeps turning up some interesting reporters!

Watching this doc, what’s something that you wish you saw in today’s NBA that isn’t really there anymore? Quickish questions! With Antony Hall and Thomas Rivas.