Confederacy of Dunks

Episode 7.141: Kevin Dowse & Matt McCready – Part 01

Hey pals. These are some wild times and we hope all of you are safe and managing well during this crisis. The NBA has been suspended and the Raptors are all under quarantine, so we don’t really have much Raptors’ news to talk about other than Serge’s cool quarantine gym or Boucher breaking out for a bit.

But we want to sooth you with some content in any way we can, so we decided to do an Ultimate Coach Ranking segment (active coaches) to give you some fun, juicy content. We went so long that we decided to break the episode into two parts: The bottom 15 and the top 15.

Special guests joining us on the pod this week are former co-host Kevin Dowse and comedian Matt McCready!

Be well, everybody! Stay tuned tomorrow for part 02: the top 15 coaches!