Confederacy of Dunks

Episode 7.140: Jason Leung & Paul Beer

The Raptors had a very successful west-coast trip, going 4-1 and sit with a record of 46-18. We’re starting to think about playoffs, oh boy!

Raptors: Norm getting player of the week and immediately injuring himself seems like a microcosm of this season. We talk more Raptors’ microcosms. Is Serge Ibaka the most underestimated player in the NBA? It’s time for early playoff talk. Starting with the first round, we pick our preferred teams to face as we march back to the finals.

NBA: Worries in the east! Which fan base should be panicking the most between the Celtics, Pacers and Bucks? Has LBJ closed the gap on the MVP race? Who is a non-Raptor player you are rooting for this year? Quickish Questions and more!

Special guests on this episode: That’s a Rap Podcast’s Jason Leung and Talking Terry’s Paul Beer!