Confederacy of Dunks

Episode 7.130: Cathryn Naiker & Daniel Reis

The Klaw finally got his ring and the 18-8 Raps now have the Kawhi Era officially behind them.

Raptors: We talk the amazing ring ceremony for Kawhi and take you right through to the wins against Brooklyn and Cleveland. Numbers. There are quite a few of them. We talk which number stats we’re watching through the year. (A certain players 3 point %, team rebounding %, turnovers, etc.) Is Powell’s play the new “norm”?

NBA: G-league is thinking about unionizing and is adding its 29th team in Mexico City. How should the NBA continue to grow? What team should tank OR who should go all-in? Do you like the Brooklyn Nets’ grey court? What is an under-appreciated look in the NBA (court/Jersey/outfit etc)? Quickish Questions and more!

Special guests: Cathryn Naiker and Daniel Reis!

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