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Five Freddie Feels: Raptors vs Blazers

????Just like we all hoped; this team is fun as hell. 11 games in and the raps are 5th on O, 5th on D and 3rd in net rating. Enough games have been played to officially declare any summer raptors pessimists straight up haters. Masai’s depth is only a secret if you don’t watch this squad.

????Who is Pascal? He leads the team in points (27), rebounds (9) & +/- (8.7). I’m curious how the league will game plan for him as the season/playoffs go along; but currently no one has any answers. He’s just too ????.

???? Nurse should already be in COY talks. He’s used every single member of the roster, flummoxed offence’s with his defensive creativity, kept guys hungry and built a very democratic offence that isn’t too reliant on any one player. Who needs coaches challenges anyway.

????Gasol is still good. Yea, I said it. I’m a Gasol stan. Here’s why; push ahead passes, deflections, calling out offensive and defensive sets, screen assists, box outs that lead to team rebounds and gretzky assists all don’t show up on the traditional box score. The best way to measure Gasol is team wins (8-3), and box plus minus (7.5) which has him 2nd on the team behind ????, 5th in the league for centers and 18th in the NBA overall. Those are winning numbers.

???? OG is Ron Artest and FVV is Steph Curry. J/k, but the development of these two has been ludicrous. Overall, our young players are making quantum leaps nearly every quarter. Once again Masai has managed to put a winning team out that is simultaneously developing. Bravo. It’s good to be a raptors fan.